Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 20 Final

The good guys win. Weir is hotness. The end.LRSKF 00

Just kidding.

At the execution fields, the rebels quietly pass out the secret khanom desserts to the villagers. Meanwhile, Suthep is strutting around the bound people, calling them betrayers of the crown and the king. He threatens that entire families will be destroyed if even one person betrays their government.

Makey, as usual, just stands there like a big lump of stupid. The executioner notches an arrow and prepares to do his duty. With a “twang” the arrow flies…

But wait! Out of nowhere, a shiriken strikes the bolt out of the skies. It’s Gunslinger Kamin!

Back at the palace, the queen finally makes it to the gate where Akanee and Mali are waiting. He hustles her off towards the vehicle, but before anything happens, his dad and his trusted stooges show up. Dad is angry that the fruit of his loins sides with strangers over his own father. He tries to explain why he is Team Kamin, but MercDad doesn’t believe him.

Guns are trained on Kamin, but he calmly stands before General Witoon and his troops. He admonishes Makey: true soldiers never hurt women and children.

He challenges his older brother to a one-on-one fighting match. But Makey can only repeat Witoon’s words: return the king or face death. Kamin promises King Inthra will return to his native soil, but Makey must fight him and win.


Hah! Makey thinks he can win. Really, though, it doesn’t matter because there are snipers on the rooftops. The battle begins. A short tussle later, the sharpshooter fires, and Kamin is down.

At the gate, the queen tries to reason with the mercenary leader. She explains everything that happened (well, a shortened version). Touched, Asit agrees to let her go. But uh oh! His turncoat troops disagree, including the one that had a snapped neck on the island…

The queen is safe. MercDad, however, is shot and dying. Akanee tries to carry him to the truck, but he tells his son to quickly leave. Once the breath leaves his body, there’s only enough time to close his eyes and sob a bit before they escape with the queen.

Mattana is back in that little hut from before, this time with tied hands and Crazy Min for company. Her former friend crows that she was playing with her before killing her.

At the palace, Matt’s dad, Sinthorn and his soldiers run into the palace guard. Sinthorn begs the familiar countrymen to lay down their arms for the real rulers of Raya. Poof! Just like that, the Rayans holster their weapons.

They hear a distant gunshot, and both Thammarat’s guard and the palace contingent head for the sound.

In the village square, Kamin is writhing on the ground. Makey is shocked and wants to help, but the general just smirks and pulls out his gun. The guards pull out their guns. Some beige armed guys pull out their guns. It becomes a free-for-all, everyone shooting at everyone else; rebels palace guards, beige guys, and mercenaries. The Thailand troops arrive and rout the bad guys. Kamin knocks out Makey and the rebels take him to safety.

thai clipart

Mattana finally frees her hands and ends up in a catfight with Mintra. She runs away, dodging bullets from Mintra’s gun. Finally, they battle until Mattana wrests the gun away.  Mintra just gives a crazy laugh and begs to be shot, since her whole life was owned by the family anyway. She screams until cut short when Mattana shoots into the air.

Matt won’t shoot her, but wants her to reflect on her past actions and try to do the right thing from here on out. She then leaves the crazy woman conscious and unhurt and heads back into the trees. Bad move, Mattana!

A few moments later, and she is caught by Suthep. She fights free from the incompetent bad guy, but then gets whacked unconscious by – you guessed it! – Crazy Min.

Min is ready to pound her brain into pudding, but the General stops her. Mattana can still be used as a bargaining trip against Kamin, so she needs to keep breathing.

Mintra is puzzled. Why do they need her since the entire country of Raya is under their control? Witoon says, nooooot exactly, since Kamin came back and wrested it back. She screams her frustration out loud.

Witoon is also angry, but thanks to the additional troops that Mattana’s father brought in, they don’t have enough forces to hold the rebels back.

thai clipart

At rebel headquarters, a soldier bows to Prince Kamin. No one knows where Mattana might have been taken to. But right then, Crazy Mintra calls, sneering that his ladylove wanted to say her goodbyes before she dies.

Kamin grabs Khun Than’s phone; Witoon grabs Mintra’s phone. He promises dire things if the Prince doesn’t follow his orders, and sends a quick video of Matt.

Poor Kamin. What a Solomon choice. Than tells him to just do what he needs to do for the country, and he will rescue his wayward daughter. That way everything won’t be ruined because of one headstrong girl.

But to Kamin, Mattana is more than just a stubborn Thai woman; she is more than that. He must find her, and tell her everything he wanted to say all along.

thai clipart

At the old village center, Makey finally wakes up, his mother by his side. Her head is finally clear of the drugs, and she tells him of his uncle’s perfidy. And she has to tell him his father is no longer with them.

Outside the hut, Akanee also cries for his dad, and for being a bad son. Makey, limping up behind him with the ex-queen in tow, says that he is even worse. Thanks to his bad judgement and foolishness, his father died in exile in a foreign land paying a price that can never be compensated.

Now, Makey’s only thought is to kill his uncle.

thai clipart

By a small lake, Kamin brings a wooden box and lays it at Witoon’s feet, but he refuses to allow them to look inside until he sees Mattana. Suthep is his usual ineffective self, but finally Kamin kicks open the box to show the gem geodes. Now where is Mattana!

thai clipart

She just happens to be waking up in a cave.  The blood from her head injury is caked on her neck. As she groans in pain, a bright-eyed happy crazy woman pops up. Where are they? Crazy Min cackles that it’s Mattana’s grave. Hah! Matt knows that it’s the grave for both of them; her stupid ex-friend doesn’t realize that she has been thrown away by the general, too.

thai clipart

At the lake, Witoon gloats that he’s going back on his word to release Mattana. Kamin knew this would happen and brought his own posse to surround the trio. But the bombs in the cave / grave are already exploding, so he allows the general and his lackey to escape as he runs towards the fireball.

He reaches the mouth of the cave before the last bit of dynamite blows up, shoots all the bad troops waiting outside, disables the bomb and starts trying to get through the rubble.

Inside, Mattana is battered, but poor Crazy Min is trapped under a pile of rubble.

Kamin finally reaches Matt’s side, where she tiredly grins that he’s missing his heroic white horse. They smile a moment, then she faints. But not before she asks him to save Mintra, too.

thai clipart

Witoon and Suthep reach the getaway boat, only to have the minion turn on his boss, in order to steal the box of geodes. Witoon is calm though. After all, what son can kill his father?

Suthep is more confused than Luke Skywalker. His dad explains his mother was a prostitute, and he raised him by his side. The poor guy is trying to decide what to do, and puts his gun down. General Witoon strides over to give him a hug…and a bullet.

He tells his son to go say hi to his dead mother , just as the man spits blood and collapses to the ground, unmoving.

Oh well. He steps into the boat, but before he can disembark, everyone shows up to arrest / kill / destroy him: Makey, palace guards, Sinthorn. They are ready to play executioner, but Haruetai throws herself between them.

She begs her father to surrender and repent. But he refuses by claiming he did all this for the good of Raya. I’m impressed by thickness of his face.

Of course, we all know what happens. He grabs his daughter as a hostage and shoves his gun against her abdomen. The good guys start to drop their weapons…


Witoon begins to bleed. It turns out that Suthep was not quite dead and still had a bullet left. Oups!

He spews some crap about being a lousy father, then spews out his rotten soul.

The only person crying is Hareutai.

thai clipart

Poor, injured Crazy McCrazy is visited by Mattana. She is unapologetic, even in front of Matt’s parents and Hayman.

After crying over the young’s woman’s state, Mom shows her a copy of a will. It acknowledged her as another daughter with assets divided between her and Mattana. They had always considered her a member of the family.

But Mintra is deep in her psychosis, and disregards everything they say. She screams and rips up the paperwork, jumps off the bed and runs to the balcony. A flip against the railing, and we have one less character to track!

thai clipart

Later that evening, Mattana wanders the Palace. Sinthorn stumbles upon her while deliverying files to Kamin. He’s been very busy, calming the Rayan citizenry, handling the mercenaries, and clearing his name from the unfounded rumors of his treason.

He offers to tell the elder Prince that she would like to see him, but Matt doesn’t want to bother Kamin. She heads back to her bedroom.

When Sinthorn drops off the new files, Prince Kamin is on the flow encircled by piles of paperwork and folders. He mentions Mattana, but the monarch only smiles.

Sinthorn pushes his point that Kamin should set aside time for his own happiness, but Kamin just makes light of it. He offers to find Sinthorn an appropriate bride if he wishes.

Instead, Sinthorn states his decision to leave the ranks of the Ratchaongkarak and become a common soldier. He feels guilty for his attempts to kill Prince Makey. That finally pulls Kamin away from the stack of missives.

Kamin doesn’t agree, but Sinthorn is insistent, so the Prince offers to handle this “by the rules”.

This turns out to be a MMA fistfight in the middle of a thunderstorm in the rear of the palace near a pool. I guess we don’t have to wonder if we will see them wet.

Sinthorn’s uniform miraculously dissolves in a matter of seconds into a black sleeveless tshirt. No matter, it only takes a few minutes before Kamin declares a tie.

Sinthorn takes his leave and walks away to clear out his locker, but quickly turns back when Kamin falls into the pool. He helps the prince our of the water. Kamin argues that it proves his heart will always be a warrior willing to do everything for king and country. He also considers him a younger brother and member of his family. Yay! Sinthorn agrees to stay.

thai clipart

In the morning, the royal sidekicks and the Thai family come together and have a mutual regret and reflect session.

  • Makey to Queen Mom for his poor decisions
  • Makey to Haruetai’s mom for insulting her daughter
  • Haruetai’s mom to Makey for her audacious greediness
  • Queen Mom to everyone for her treasonous behavior
  • Makey to Mattana for his jerkiness
  • Mattana to Makey for her behavior

It would probably go on much longer, but our elder Prince Kamin shows up resplendent in his royal uniform, and makes the proclamation for all bygones to be bygones.

Makey gets all emotional and clingy and gets a bro-hug.
Mattana ignores Kamin.

Dowager Queen Savistri states now that everyone loves everyone else, and King Inthra is formally buried and mourned, it’s time for a coronation ceremony!

Later, Mattana is at the piano, gently singing the Rayan lullaby. She stops when Kamin shows up, ready to bolt. Kamin states that she plays so well, she must perform the song at his wedding which will be immediately following the coronation. I notice he has diamond studs in both ears.

She visibly jerks, but calmly offers her congratulations. She refuses to play at the even, though, because of her amateur skills.

Kamin stops her from leaving, stating she is an important person for the ceremony, and tries to dance with her in the foyer. She pulls away, claiming she still has pain from her injuries.

He chuckles at her same foolish behavior, but she stiffly says that neither of them are the same people they were before. As she flees, he stares fondly at her and smiles.

thai clipart

It’s Coronation Day, and Elder Prince Kamin is adjusting his new royal jacket when Haruetai hurries in. Khun Mattana is gone! She has left the palace to head back to Thailand.

He seems calm and relaxed, and Haruetai realizes that Kamin never straightened out the relationship between the two of them. Just then, the Dowager Queen and Younger Prince Makey arrive.

Kamin pats his brother on the shoulder, happy to finally discharge their father’s edict. But what about Mattana? What about the royal ordination?

Mattana is swiftly heading out of town, driving about as fast as you can in a Mazda. She’s thinking that her prince is now happy, crowned and married.

Meanwhile, there’s a suspicious motorcycle tailing her, down both paved and dirt roads. Um, Matt, do you not find it strange that the two of you are the only vehicles since, well, forever?

Finally, on an open stretch near a windfarm, the bike blocks the vehicle, and Mattana is forced to a stop.

She jumps out, ready for a fight. But who is revealed as the Kamen Rider? It’s….Kamin, of course! But now dressed in leather and looking yummy.

She is confused; why wasn’t he at the coronation? He gives his boyish grin and assures her that a king will be crowned today.

At the palace, Makey receives some final advice from the Queen Mother. King Makey’s first action is to request Haruetai to stay by his side and rule together. Yay! Somebody much smarter than him will make the decisions.

Back at the farm, Kamin explains. Since his father wanted him hidden to protect and serve, it was best that he abdicate for the more public of the brothers. Plus, he didn’t want any infighting between siblings.

A big old smile lights up his face. Mattana, however, is not amused.

Why didn’t he tell her any of this?? Why didn’t he confide in her what his plans were. Even more important, why did he allow her to wallow in sadness and disappointment, thinking he was still married to Haruetai???

With a shite-eating grin, he wonders out loud why she never noticed he had both earrings in again. And to pour salt in the wound, he admits he’s had both since his last trip to Thailand. He just, yunno, didn’t feel like wearing them.

Personally, I’ve decided he is king. King of Jerks and Liars.

He goes in for a hug; she stabs him in the foot with her bootheel. Inexplicably, though, she storms off into a nearby meadow instead of her car. Err, is she hoping one of the turbine blades with decapitated Kamin?

Naturally he chases after her. Even though she’s trapped in his arms, she struggles and vows to die rather than submit.

Until he kisses her. On the cheek. Twice. That won’t stop her from struggling free! But the lip to lip kiss certainly does the trick.

Kamin strokes her cheek. He’s no longer the great prince, he’s just a normal man who has a woman…that he runs from.

That raises her hackles as she has never run after him during the entire time they’ve known each other. And she certainly has no plans to chase him now. Another kiss stops her tirade.

She starts arguing again. Another kiss, and she just pouts.

He continues his explanation. It was his own self who was running from everything, including her and his feelings, and the love he had felt for her since the first moments.

“I love you, Mattana.” ABOUT DARN TIME.

He pulls his spouse earring off and starts to put it in her ear. She takes it instead and throws it into the grasses. “If you can find it, we will be together.”

Kamin freaks out and drops to the ground to frantically search for it. Now, you know and I know, and Mattana knows, she would never throw it away.

Still, she gloats for a moment before ‘finding’ it in her hand all along. This leads to an adorable tussling match that ends with a makeout session in the grass. I hope they don’t have hay allergies!

thai clipart

There appears to be a colossal timeskip of some years.

We find Mattana with a couple of adorable girls, chasing butterflies in some sort of arbor. Sinthorn comes by and picks up the two princesses. It’s time for lunch.

One of the girls is naughty enough to frighten one of the retainers with a caterpillar, and we find out that both girls are the Crown’s princesses.

Kamin shows up as Queen Haruetai chastises the two. He says he was delayed while checking out an experimental garden, but the men seem to share a secret smile.

The naughty princess begs her uncle for help, and Kamin knows who to blame for the girl’s naughtiness. But he wilts in front of Mattana’s stare.

We get proof that Uncle Kamin is a spoiler, and the girls seem to always listen to him. Even better, Haruetai is pregnant again, so there’s more little ones to be spoiled!

Mattana smiles sadly. Clearly they don’t have any children yet. Later that night, when the pair is snuggled together, they talk about it. Kamin is happy whether or not they are blessed with children.

The next morning, Mattana wakes up alone. which seems to be a common occurence. What’s not common is she is feeling nauseous. Could it be…?

She grabs a pregnancy test out of the nightstand and runs to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Kamin is actually not inspecting experimental gardens, but patrolling the borders for smugglers. The king shows up as well as all the troops we know and love. There’s a shootout and Kamin is injured from a fall.

The girls are back outside, and Mattana confides to Hareutai that she had another false alarm. Before they are too sad, they get word of a problem with their husbands.

The two brothers give the most unconvincing explanation of time, made worse by Sinthorn. They try the honey trap as a last resort, but the girls ain’t buying it. Since the king is uninjured, the queen says nothing as they leave the room.

Mattana heads back to her bedroom to pack up. She tells Kamin that she will return to Thailand, so he can continue his stupid dangerous activities without her around.

He’s happy to give his regards to the in-laws, and promises he will travel to Thailand soon, so they can have a honeymoon. Wait, they’ve been together a number of years, right?

Anyway, Kamin’s phone chirps, and he pretends that it’s just a friendly text from Tagoon, but she instinctively knows better. Still, she plans to leave anyway.

She informs Queen Haruetai of her travel plans. She is sadly aware that work and Raya will always come before her. She wishes the Quee a good pregnancy, since she won’t return before the baby is born.

One of the retainers stops by with Mattana’s bag. She’s also pregnant, which she says is a miracle since her husband Tagoon is out nearly every night chasing bad guys with the King and the Prince.

Oups, the cat is out of the bag!

King Makey strolls by to see his queen, and immediately gets skewered with her eyes. His reaction proves the retainer’s words.

Out by the border, bandits are carrying a treasure box of black gems. Kamin and his scooby gang interrogate the thieves, which turns into a gunfight.

Enter one angry woman with a pistol, who manages to catch the final fleeing felon.

Over his body, Kamin and Mattana have a big fight. He’s worried about her safety; she’s worried about his safety. In the end, she leaves Raya and heads back to Thailand.

Sometime later, he’s getting FaceTime love advice from the royal pair, and ultimately decides to go to Thailand to chase after his wife.

Except she’s not in Thailand. She’s at a local temple in Raya, talking to the Queen Mother. Savitri is now a nun without worldly cares, but she still gives excellent marital advice about love and letting go of resentment.

Kamin suddenly shows up, ready to take her back to the palace, but she’s not interested. She will stay and be ordained; he can then spend every waking moment working.

As she walks away, her stepmother has advice for him, too. He gave away the crown to Makey. He has the right to be happy without worrying about the country anymore.

He seems to take this to heart.

The next scene, Kamin is carrying Mattana, dresses in white temple clothes, past people holding candles. He leads up to a house lined in flowers.

Kamin has set up a wedding ceremony, complete with the King and Queen. A second wedding? How is this supposed to help their relationship? Well, who knows who cares, it’s kind of cute. He gives her the second earring of black gem, and promises to love her forever.

Then she puts one of them back into his ear. Is that sanitary?

Then it’s kissy time. Yay! The kids are happy. Kamin scoops her up and asks permission to carry his bride away. The King grants permission and advises Kamin to not return to his royal duties for a long while.

Our 2nd wedding pair walk down a sword gauntlet and presumably into connuvial bliss and maybe a few little buns running around.

The end.


Whew! I can’t even remember where I was when I started this, but I’m glad it’s over. I don’t understand the ending; if they have been married for years, why are they doing a second marriage ceremony? It won’t make Mattana pregnant any faster, and it’s not like they plan to separate. All Kamin has to do is stay home more.

Oh well, I still like the lakorn overall. I think Min is Weir’s better koojins. They have really good onscreen chemistry and compliment each other’s acting skills. Mattana is so cute and feisty, yet she sticks to her principles over the easy way. Kamin is just as hardheaded and stubborn, but he eventually realizes he can have a great love and a great life.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and keep watching those lakorns!


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