Beneath Her Heart – Ch 09

“I’m sorry.” The gruff apology pulled Brody out of her reverie. She looked up, squinting as her eyes focused on the man standing next to her table. She felt a little too wilted to spar with him, yet she needed to show she was no pushover.

“Mr. Logan. It seems that you pop up in all the places I am. Are you stalking me?”

He gave a wry smile, one that transformed his face and gave him a boyish air. “Actually, I came here for a snack before I went back to work. This is just a coincidence.”

“It’s no coincidence, Mr. Logan. I planned on stopping by your office once I finished my drink. You have saved me the effort.”

“Collin. Please call me Collin. We are friends, aren’t we?” He smoothly sat down across from her.

She studied his face for a moment. “Are we? I was your sister’s best friend, which makes us acquaintances. But your words tell me differently.”

He winced a little. “Are you never going to forgive me for that? I’m sorry, I know you aren’t a gold digger or a conman. Sometimes my mouth races ahead of my logic circuits.”

She gave a tinkling laugh that he felt down to his toes.

“Okay, truce. Go ahead and order your food. I’ll wait here for you.”

He hurried inside to order his dish with extra chips. After asking the staff what Brody was drinking, he ordered another one for her as well. Maybe it would help break the ice.

He had no illusions that her current courtesy will survive the conversation he was determined to have.

Brody stiffened when Collin returned to the table and sat down. Pushing a fresh mug in front of her, he poured his own beverage into a glass of ice and took a sip.

After a moment, he decided to take the lead.

“How have things been with you since the…accident?”

Brody was surprised as his gentle tone but was immediately suspicious. She knew his reputation as a hardnose businessman who looked to profit in every transaction. So, there was no way he was that solicitous. But she hid her concerns.

“Good.  I took some time off from work to get things organized, but since a lot of classes are currently remote, it didn’t affect my students. I plan to return on Monday.”

Collin was hesitant for his next line of questions.  “So, is th…the pregnancy going well?” He stumbled a bit, never thinking the word ‘pregnancy’ would come from his mouth for a long while. “Is there anything you need?”

Sipping a bit of her horchata to hide her amusement, Brody nodded. “So far, the doctor said I’m in good shape at this stage. Thankfully most of the morning sickness is gone. It just a matter now of keeping up my nutrition intake and taking my medications.”

 A waitress dropped off a basket of tortilla chips along with a round dish with tendrils of steam wafting off the surface.  The smell of the sausage and cheese mixture made Brody’s mouth water, and her stomach growled in agreement.

Collin barked back a laugh.  “Are you hungry?  Please have some.”

Brody blushed, intending to refuse. But on second thought, why not? Collin Logan was rich, so he could afford to pay for a meal. She nodded and asked the waitress for some soft tortillas.

“Why use tortillas instead of chips?” She smiled.

“It’s easier to control the amount you eat, versus scooping an unlimited chip basket. Also, tortillas are baked not fried, so they are healthier.”

Collin nodded, looking at her stomach. Against the fabric of her skirt, it was slightly round and looked nothing out of the ordinary.  He wondered what Brody will look like when the baby…no…his niece was fully developed. He wanted to be there to see it.

He blinked.  Where did that thought stray from?

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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