April 2021 – National Poetry Month Week 1

baby turtle


April 1 – A haiku

The toll of the bell
Another hour, day, or year
No way to return

April 2

It is amazing
To finally eat
A restaurant’s food
To sit down again
And make someone else
Wash all the dishes

April 3 –  Sonnet

“Always be nice to one another”
This is something that children should learn
To treat a classmate as you would your brother
And to give respect if you want some to earn

All people have the responsibility
For all of their actions and words
Don’t blame others for your incivility
Don’t forget turds beget turds

When did compassion disappear?
When did greed become mainstream?
We now live in an ugly atmosphere
Where a life is worth less than a centime

I feel this is the beginning of our apocalypse
Our country is heading towards its own eclipse

April 4 – Easter

A stone is rolled away
And chains are broken on this day
The Tomb lies empty, serene, and bare
There’s a whisper of joy in the air
He once died and has risen, Alleluia!
We are freed from Death’s Prison, Alleluia!

April 5  – Limerick

There once was a television station
Who claimed to inform all the nation
But professional creed
Change into “mislead”
And sent us to eternal damnation

April 6

Tiny yellow flowers peek out from the soil
As hosta leaves unfurl into green splendor
Tiny cheeps from the azalea thickets
Spring has arrived!

April 7 – a haiku

Herd Immunity
Is it even possible
Or just fakery?

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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