April 2021 – National Poetry Month Week 2



April 8

Here comes the colors of spring
Yellow, pink, and kelly green
The awakened world becomes brilliant and brighter

The robins arrive and begin to sing
Melodies burst from undergrowth, unseen
Drawn by God, the Great Scriptwriter

April 9 – haiku

Anyone who hates
Chocolate covered almonds
Is really just nuts

April 10

Gin tastes of juniper
Rum of molasses
Whiskey of charred white oak

Vodka of nothing, and anything
But I’d rather eat pecan pie
Than drink it.

April 11

There once was Moderna vaccine
Touted as the best on the scene
It competed with Pfizer
But Fauci, that miser
Kept us inside, now that’s mean!

April 12

Nine syllables make up this poem
The grass grows as fast as you mow ’em
Even tho it seems kind of ho-hum
I thought I would give it a try

This silliness comes to a ending
With no other lines that are pending
Or else it will be never ending
Was that only eight beats I espy?

April 13

I see my old blue-jacketed Kindle
Covered in dust, an old forgotten friend
Left to molder in this throwaway society
Once I got the app on my IPad

April 14 – A Nonet (9 syllables, then 8, and so on)

Azaleas open up their faces
Bright colors blending together
As bees search for their nectar
The flower’s freckles shine
Birds make their warm nests
Leafy shadows
Fuchsia pink

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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