April 2021 – National Poetry Month Week 3



April 15 – The maples are seeding

A whirling dervish by itself
Is such a tiny thing
But hundreds, nay thousands
Helicoptering in the wind
Can nearly block out the sun
And certainly will cover
My windshield

April 16 – haiku

Tiny bits of dust
Pierce the atmosphere from space
Sparkling wishing stars

April 17

I miss you.

Your smile, which brighten the very air
Your laugh, belted out with a puckish grin
Your hands, which gently stroked my hair
Your voice, which calmed the loudest family din

The simple hugs, no judgement nor rancor
The righteous discipline, when it was needed
Your very existence, firm like an anchor
Your good advice, sadly often unheeded

I miss you.

April 18 – Limerick

There once was a drunkard with fast cars
Who thought he could outrun the radars
He made a mad dash
But then took a crash
And learned about life behind bars

April 19 – Watching the Geldingdalur volcano

Glowing red ribbons of liquid stone
Following the commands of gravity
It splashes out of a cinder cone
And slowly fills a valley

April 20

Tiny seeds planted in soil
Their leaves begin to uncoil
We hope they mature
So we can be sure
To have veggies ready to fry in our oil

April 21 – haiku

Sun proudly rises
Rays of light fan through the clouds
Longer days of spring

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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