April 2021 – National Poetry Month Week 4



April 22 – Earth Day

They say that the Amazon is the world’s lungs
But who speaks for it among the world’s tongues?
Dams slowly choke her flow
The heart of the jungle begins to slow

It’s nice to change to electric cars
But we need to hold off on the applause
Hydroelectricity is still a destroyer
When the activist gives way to the lawyer

Solar may be the way to go
But it doesn’t work in rain or snow
Nuclear energy could be noble
But who doesn’t remember Chernobyl?

In order to save the world, it seems the plan
May require the elimination of Man.

April 23

There once was a movie called TRON
A world not of graphics but drawn
Where TronLines were painted
By animators untainted
But oh, the sci-fi shows it spawned!

April 24

Something you learn in adolescence
Is the inevitability of obsolescence
You purchase a car, a watch, a ring
Only to drop them for the next trendy thing

April 25

The annoying buzz and slap
Near the forehead, by the ear
Clearly announces to one and all
Mosquito season is here

April 26

There’s satisfaction
Completing jigsaw puzzles
Darn that missing piece!

April 27

Heavy is the head that wears the crown
But heavy is the heart that watches the king
Slowly wither to a shell of his majesty

Somewhere behind those faded eyes, within that stumbling mind
The monarch still finds moments of clarity
As this insidious disease steals away his memories

April 28 – Limerick

There once was a wagon, a Hyundai
A scarlet four-door called a Santa Fe
With the windows rolled down
All nearby heard the sound
Of metal rock roll down the highway

April 29

Nothing is sadder
……than the bottom
………….of a peanut butter jar
Until I open my fridge
……and find emptiness
…………where my Dr Pepper should be

April 30

I reached the finish line, out of breath
My brain is fried, my thoughts bereft
The rest of the year, prose is my staple
Until I do this again, next April

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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