enTWINed – Ch 13 (A Thai Fanfic)

“What was that all about? I’ve never seen you so hated by someone of the fairer sex.” Tik mused when the men finally sat down at their own table. Ken sighed a little.

“Remember the Thai woman I met in Barcelona at the Fashion Show? After I had spent the afternoon with her sister? That’s them.”

Tik smiled, the little creases near his eyes upturned. The story his friend had shared was one of the most entertaining tales he had ever heard. And thanks to Ken’s distraction, it garnered Tik a great meal today.

“Would you like to order now, krup?” The same waitstaff from the twin’s table approach the two men.

“I know what I want to drink.” Tik smoothly filled in the awkward silence that had started. “I would like a cup of oliang tea for now. Did you want something, Ken?”

Ken shook his head, but a moment later changed his mind. “I would like a glass of Singha beer, please.”

After taking their orders, the waiter left. Tik raised an eyebrow at his good friend. “I have never seen you order beer with lunch. The situation must be more serious than I thought. Are you sure you are okay?”

Ken sighed before running a hand through his hair. “I guess I need something to help me think. This isn’t the biggest decision I have to make, but it’s still bothersome.”

“My friend, based on your own assessment, it seems that you can’t find anyone more appropriate for this contract,” Tik replied. “Since your back is against the wall, why not try your negotiation charms again? Maybe you should consider this a sign from heaven and contact that cute designer to explain the misunderstanding. She seems more reasonable and less violent than her sister.

“And make sure the other one is nowhere near strangling distance. That way I won’t have to get involved. I’m not sure whose side I would be on.” He chuckled.

Ken snorted. “I suppose I can try, but I’m not convinced that Khun Sri will be willing to speak to me. Her twin is very close to her, despite their different personalities.” He sighed again before picking up the menu. “Let’s stop talking about those two.”

After an agreeable meal, the two men parted ways in the parking lot.

“I have to head over to Thongsuk Construction main offices. My uncle wants to use them for our hotel refurbishment, but there’s something in the contract that bothers me. I have an appointment this afternoon to speak with the chief engineer.”

Tik clapped him on the back. “Okay, I’ll let you do your business things. See you later. Sawasdee Krup!”


An unexpected rainstorm snarled traffic in Bangkok, but the wiper blades were keeping up with the droplets that spattered the windshield of his vehicle. He dialed his assistant, who answered promptly.

“Prasan, I am going to be a bit late due to the traffic. Can you compile the recent data on the companies that my uncle has been working with on his projects. Say, the last six months.”

The voice from the vehicle loudspeakers was professional. “Yes sir, Khun Ken. Do you want the purchasing receipts as well as the contract information?”

“Yes, thank you.”

After his assistant’s promise, he disconnected and concentrated on the road.

Ken hummed tunelessly as he drove down Sirat Expressway, his GPS stating that the offramp Rama IX Road was straight ahead. He frowned a little as it looked like he would be about ten minutes late.  Should he contact his assistant again? However, the dark clouds seemed to be lightening ahead.

As he eased to the left to enter the off-ramp, his phone rang. He looked down at the screen; it was an unfamiliar number. Switching to Handsfree, he answered it.

“Sawasdee Krup, Ken speaking.” There was no response, just silence from the vehicle’s speakers. A quiet sound as if someone was breathing could be heard. The infotainment screen showed the phone was still connected, but still, nobody said anything. He tried again.

“Sawasdee Krup, is anyone there?”

Ken heard a deep chuckle, but nothing more.

Suddenly, he heard a loud car horn from his right, and looked across to see a large lorry jump the low concrete curb and slam into his passenger side. Time seemed to slow as his vehicle slid sideways, out of control.

Various “pops” and puffs of white powder registered in his mind as airbags that had deployed. The   window airbag blew, cushioning the impact to his head. The SUV slid to the left, pushed by the out of control truck.

Ken was helpless and could only gasp as his vehicle lifted into the air before striking a light pole and several small trees. The truck showed no sign of slowing until his vehicle was crushed against the concrete retaining wall on the other side of the sidewalk.  He heard a sickening snap as pain shot up his left leg. Looking down, sharp metal intruded into the cab; the remains of the axle pressed into the flesh of his thigh. Blood poured out of the wound and down the unnatural angle of his leg. Sharp, acrid smoke filled the cabin.

The last thing he saw was flying glass as his driver side window imploded. Then, nothing.





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