April 2022 – National Poetry Month Week 1


April 1 – A haiku

It begins again
Another month of poems
Or just doggerel

April 2

How quickly things happen
When you least expect it
Sadness or joy
A flip of a coin

April 3 

One or two
Left or right
Top or bottom
Time for bifocals

April 4 – Limerick

SpaceX is a wonderful thing
The rockets take off with a zing
The first stage returns
Using reentry burns
And easily lands in the ring

April 5  

It’s spring and birds are calling a calling
From deep in the thickets sprawling so sprawling
Soon babies will come squalling a squalling
All those poor worms mauling and mauling

April 6

Rain washes away the pollen
Rain grows the grass
Either way, the allergies abound
When spring is around

April 7 – Pray for Ukraine

Under a rock, behind a stone
A worm can always find a home.
Under the eaves or under a house
Is a good place to live for a mouse.

But what do you do when your dwelling is bombed
When everyone you love is buried and entombed?
A madman eyes your resources and lands
Wanting to grab it all in his evil bloody hands

The countrymen fight and bleed and die
The horrifying images just multiply
As we all pray for the folks of Ukraine
Why can we help them pick up those planes?


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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