April 2022 – National Poetry Month Week 2

I forgot to upload the week’s poems as Easter weekend is very busy.


April 8 – Haiku

Red to indigo
All the colors of the world
In a drop of rain

April 9 – Shakespearian Sonnet

A boy and a girl inside a pink bubble
Blushing cheeks redden as heartbeats redouble
A chapel, a ring, a kiss as a seal
A couple begins as the carillons peal

A place of their own for their family to grow
Ready for whatever fate God will bestow:
A beautiful baby to giggle and coo
A speedboat, a sports car, or a brand new tattoo

Dark hair soon morphs to a purest white
A blur creeps into once-clear eyesight
A wrinkled hand holds onto a cane
Hand in hand, in their own demain

From people alone to beloved coexistence
The wonder of marriage when two go the distance!

April 10 – Palm Sunday Limerick 

There once was a man named Jesus
Who borrowed a colt for his use
He was greeted with psalms
And waving green palms
But the crowd will soon start to abuse

April 11

As gas prices go up, the drivers heat up
In lines both slow and long
The cost it jumps higher, while stuck in the mire
of fears this will be lifelong

April 12  

If aliens really do exist,
What would they think of our social media?
Stupid pranks, deadly behavior
Angry, hateful speech…


April 13 – Haiku

Run into danger
Stand in front of a bullet
Heroes don’t wear capes

April 14

Do sonnets catch phish?
Are quatrains run on tracks?
Are free verses costly?
Can acrostics be stacked?

Can you rhyme a bad poem
By using a Samoan?
Can you imagine an ode
While on the commode?

A blank verse
Is the worst


About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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