Beneath Her Heart – Ch 14

Collin took a few deep breaths to cool down a bit, then turned back to the woman watching him with rapt attention. “I have unsweetened iced tea, mineral water, and lemonade.”

Brody smiled. “You are very efficient, and if the smell is anything, a very good cook.” She laughed, a sound he felt clear to his toes. “Mineral water, please.”

He cleared his throat but covered it by taking the apron off and hanging it on a hook. “Grab your plate and take what you want. I’ll get the drinks.”

She grabbed her larger plate off the table and trotted back to the island. Taking two tamales and a heap of refried beans, she carried it back. The small plate was then filled with a circle of yellow tortilla chips with a mound of guacamole like a central green hill. After a quick prayer, they dug in.

The first few minutes were spent on gustatory enjoyment. Once her hunger was somewhat sated, she slowed down, ready to be sociable.

“You are an excellent cook, Mr. Logan.”

He ducked his head. “A bachelor has to learn to fend for himself. I figured you liked Mexican food after you polished off my snack at the cafe.”

She pretended to be affronted. “I didn’t polish it off, we shared! Anyway, you offered food to a pregnant woman, so you should have known better.” His eyes flickered to her waist before bouncing back to her face.

“I’ve never been around a pregnant woman, so I didn’t realize the danger,” he chuckled, causing Brody’s ears to pinken. Really, this man was lethal to her already out-of-whack hormones.

Brody cleared her throat. “Tell me about this house, Collin.”

Collin froze for a moment. The was the first time she had spoken his name since they met at the attorney’s office. It sounded nice, and he hoped she would begin to say it more often.

“It was built in the late 70’s, four-bedroom 2 bath. I bought it about two years after my company became successful. I wanted to have a place in the mountains, but close to Sophia. I haven’t really done any changes beside installing a rear deck and a grilling station, and painting the interior.

“Even though I like to travel, setting roots down is good, too. It gives me a place to center myself. And to keep all my stuff.” He chuckled.

Brody took a sip of her drink. “Everybody wants a home. Your house is cozy and warm, and I think you made a good choice with this area, and this place.”
She pushed back from the table and attempted to stand. A sudden tightening of her back muscles caused her to gasp and freeze.

Collin rushed to her side but stood there unsure of what to do. “What can I do to help, Brody?” His arms lifted up but he felt helpless.

Brody sank back onto the chair and tried to relax her back. “Just give me a moment.” She gave a wry smile despite the pain. “This happens every once in a while.”

This happens a lot? Collin wondered. He didn’t realize how complicated pregnancy can be.

“Uh, Collin? Can you massage my back a little? That might help.”

Brody’s voice broke through his thoughts, and he look at her for a moment. Her hands were near her waist, but she clearly could not reach her spine. “Right along here, please.”


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I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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