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Serious Business of Content Theft

Hello fellow readers.

I want to alert everyone regarding the newest cyber-bully in the Asian Drama World.

ZKPop has been caught plagiarizing from various other recap and SK drama / music sites, including Dramabeans and AllKPop, as well as several smaller fanblogs such as DramaJJang.

Even worse, they are trying to cover it up by changing the time/date stamps on their posts to make it seem like they wrote it first.

I ask all those who appreciate the recaps of our hard-working fans, to neither follow these lying thieves on their social media platforms, nor go to their site. Thank you.


For more information, please click on the link below. The original post can be located at Asian Addicts Anonymous:

Serious Business of Content Theft.


Is It Cooking? Pulled Pork Using A Crock Pot

Most people know that cooking isn’t my strong suit.  But every once in a while I get an impulse to do something.

Recently, I went to the grocery store ostensibly for fruits, but I found myself gravitating to the Meat / Seasfood section.  There was a sale on different types of pork.  I decided to buy a boneless Boston Butt, 2.5 lb / 1.13kg in size.  I’ve never done anything with one, but I had visions of a nice slice of ham later on that evening.

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Oh, So You Watch Asian Dramas? Really? That’s….um…interesting…

Just a little tidbit from one of the awesome people I’ve met during my KDrama watching phase!

Jomo's Findings

I know you all have encountered the same reaction that I get when I tell folks I watch television from Asia with subtitles. My response, thanks to my daughter, LB, is here.

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Heart Murmurs – A KDrama Story

Hello everyone!  While I’m hard at work with my recaps of older shows, I wanted to recommend a fun little read from my dongsaeng, Drama Noona!  She is making a story based on as many KDrama tropes as she can squish into a story! 

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Taec’s sparkly ears.

In response to a DB fan request, I give you the sparkly ears of Taecyon from his role in”Who Are You”.

Who Are You - Ep 12[07-37-08]-300x195

Thanks for the suggestion, Manin!


Protected: Secret Squirrel Communique – The Trip

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Big Bang Newark Post-Concert

Whoo! What a ride!  The concert was great, the crowds were enthusiastic, and the Boys were beautiful (as always).   Read the rest of this entry

Big Bang Newark – Final!

Pump Train siphoning the water out of an underground rail tunnel.

This is my final blog update before I put away my computer and waterproof my suitcase!  New BB pics on the bottom! Read the rest of this entry

Big Bang Newark – Almost Final Update!

Okay, people, can’t we learn to get along??

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Big Bang Newark Post-Storm Repairs

This is a follow up post for the conditions in the New York City area as of November 2, 2012.

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