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Is It Cooking? Pulled Pork Using A Crock Pot

Most people know that cooking isn’t my strong suit.  But every once in a while I get an impulse to do something.

Recently, I went to the grocery store ostensibly for fruits, but I found myself gravitating to the Meat / Seasfood section.  There was a sale on different types of pork.  I decided to buy a boneless Boston Butt, 2.5 lb / 1.13kg in size.  I’ve never done anything with one, but I had visions of a nice slice of ham later on that evening.

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LJ Entry – “Confesssions of a Roundeye Cook”

What it’s supposed to look like – ^^

I admit. I like to try different foods. Mostly, I like to try different foods in restaurants. I’ll find a dish I like, then look up a recipe for it, then try to make it myself. Chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie, butternut porridge (with sweet rice balls), bibimbap, fried rice, etc., etc.  Well, for the first time, I was inspired to make a dish I had never tried, could not find a restaurant for, nor had any ingredients I would normally have (besides rice). Read the rest of this entry