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The chauffeur and the politician’s daughter fall in love. But is it all it seems? Book I of the Richmond series.

Hidden Agenda – Chapter 21 and Epilogue

Port Royal House exterior

Thank you to everyone who willingly read my first story!  Hopefully you have found that my writing is improved.  Or maybe you are a glutton for punishment.  Either way, thanks again! Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Agenda – Chapter 16 to 20

Chapter Fifteen

By tacit agreement, they decided to spend the night lightly.  They chatted about inconsequential things, occasionally acknowledging someone that Melissa or Nick knew.  Before they were aware of it, the party was winding down.  Melissa was plastered against Nick on the dance floor, their bodies easily swaying to the soft, slow dance. Nick’s warm hand was softly rubbing along her spine, up to her neck, and back.  The band announced the final song of the evening and Melissa looked up at Nick. Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Agenda – Chapter 11 to 15

Lotus Elise

I’m going to post this with my most favorite car of all time, with the excuse that it does show up in the story.  But who cares anyway, isn’t it pretty?? Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Agenda – Chapter 6 to 10

Chapter Six

Before Nick could do more than turn, Melissa was pulled up from the picnic table and enveloped in a perfumed whirlwind.  A tall, attractive blonde in a white lab coat was hugging Melissa, who patted the back of her friend with a sardonic expression on her face. Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Agenda – Chapter 1 to 5

Mansion groundsThis was my first attempt to write a complete novel.  At 30,000 words, I thought I would never finish it!  Of course, those who know me know I have done longer ones since then.  After I finished it, I realized that the in-verse time was very very short between when the OTP met and fell in love.  Maybe love is like that sometimes? Read the rest of this entry