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Short vignettes, and stories popping Artemis-like out of my head.

Drabble – “lion”

What is a drabble?  CMRPrindle, one of my creative besties online, explained to me that a ‘drabble’ is a very short story used to stretch your brain.  The official definition of a drabble is exactly 100 words as defined by Wikipedia.  I learned that only after I created this extremely short story of 250 words.  So what I wrote is a drabble on steroids who took a bath in Root-tone.  So forgive me, drabble purists, and thank you, my friend, for the idea of the word “lion”.  Also, this paragraph is 100 words; does that count as a drabble, too?


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Richmond III “Flight of Fancy”

This is a short story inspired (yet again) by my Malaysian connection Ricky, who speculated on a storyline where someone can read people’s innermost fantasies through touch.  He was also flying at the time and wondered if he would strike up a connection with the people sitting next to him.  I combined the two into this short excerpt.  Because of my SqueeCapping and several other collaborative projects, my creative writing is sadly lagging.  But hopefully soon I can finish the stuff I’ve already started!     – Shuk Read the rest of this entry

Protected: BFF – A Dream Sequence

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An Ordinary Character (steam punk)

This is a short side-story I wrote for a friend who has created a steampunk setting where modern America has a Victorian-era flair.   To the landlady, there is practical and impractical.  But what do you do with a tenant that refuses to be like everyone else?  

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