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Short vignettes, and stories popping Artemis-like out of my head.

enTWINed – Ch 3 & 4 (A Thai Fanfic)

Who thinks the world is a better place for hot Thai actors on motorcycles?


Chapter 3

Drops of water flashed briefly in the fluorescent light as Tik shook his head and started toweling it dry. It had been an excellent workout; this group of recruits showed great promise to become superior law enforcement officers. They were still out at the obstacle course, training, but he had to get back to office at headquarters. Read the rest of this entry


enTWINed – Ch 1 & 2 (A Thai fanfic)

Here it is, the first installment of what I hope is an enjoyable read. kens-face-when-he-reads-my-fanfic

Chapter 1

The liveried bellhop quickly ran to the curb as the elegant gray limousine pulled to a smooth stop in front of the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona. The man that stepped out exuded an aura of power and confidence. Dressed in a tailored double-breasted suit of dark gray, he gave a nod as the hotel employee retrieved two pieces of matched luggage. Read the rest of this entry

Drabble – “lion”

What is a drabble?  CMRPrindle, one of my creative besties online, explained to me that a ‘drabble’ is a very short story used to stretch your brain.  The official definition of a drabble is exactly 100 words as defined by Wikipedia.  I learned that only after I created this extremely short story of 250 words.  So what I wrote is a drabble on steroids who took a bath in Root-tone.  So forgive me, drabble purists, and thank you, my friend, for the idea of the word “lion”.  Also, this paragraph is 100 words; does that count as a drabble, too?


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Richmond III “Flight of Fancy”

This is a short story inspired (yet again) by my Malaysian connection Ricky, who speculated on a storyline where someone can read people’s innermost fantasies through touch.  He was also flying at the time and wondered if he would strike up a connection with the people sitting next to him.  I combined the two into this short excerpt.  Because of my SqueeCapping and several other collaborative projects, my creative writing is sadly lagging.  But hopefully soon I can finish the stuff I’ve already started!     – Shuk Read the rest of this entry

Protected: BFF – A Dream Sequence

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An Ordinary Character (steam punk)

This is a short side-story I wrote for a friend who has created a steampunk setting where modern America has a Victorian-era flair.   To the landlady, there is practical and impractical.  But what do you do with a tenant that refuses to be like everyone else?  

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