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The Elephant Gate Part 2 – Ch 56 to 60


The next morning, Kevin was in the barn, mucking out the stalls. The work was hard and sweaty, but every bit of exercise was needed to hone his muscles. After piling the used straw into a cart, he wheeled it out to the compost pile. He forked out the first pile, then ducked and spun as a knife embedded itself into the side of the cart with a thunk. He had barely a chance to react when he realized he wasn’t alone. Read the rest of this entry


The Elephant Gate Part 2 – Ch 51 to 55


The popping noises at his joints sounded like gunshots when Kevin woke up and stretched the next day. The bed was a little too short for him to sleep out comfortably, but despite this, he felt happy. He was back in Pra’dee with his expanded adoptive family. And will a night’s sleep, he was ready to face the facts of this country’s destruction, and see what he could do to fix things. Read the rest of this entry

The Elephant Gate Part 2 – Ch 46 to 50

This is the start of the second arc of this series. I finally decided to finish it this year! Well, hopefully anyway. LOL


Kevin felt a strange sense of disorientation, as his body was swirling in two different directions at once. His arms felt leaden and numb. He had merely a moment to feel fear before the familiar, frightening darkness swept over him. Read the rest of this entry