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My attempt at a virtual existence

Ok. I admit it.  I’m old enough to remember the first CD that ever came out; I even bought an 8-track with my pocket money as a child.  I’d like to consider myself as the transition generation between the black-and-white television sets and Skyping on your cell phone.  I have a Facebook account and occasionally still play Farmville.  I have 5 different email accounts and do most of my bill-paying online.  As an almost-50 year old, I think I’m keeping up with my nieces and nephews.

To this day, my folks expect me to be able to fix their TV / VCR / DVD / computer / printer / cable box, and any other electronic devices up to and including their pay-as-you-go Motorolas.  Don’t pick on them; they are in their 80’s, and used to have a CB radio in their vehicle.  My mother, unfortunately, still listens to AM band radio in her Grand Marquis.

I still use my Palm Pilot as my electronic brain, and, because of that, have not upgraded to a smart phone.  I do own a Kindle, as a step up from trying to read on my Pilot.  My computer is relatively new, and my car plays MP3’s.

All that aside, this is still an unexplored area for me, so I want to apologize in advance if any eyerolling occurs to anyone who views my posts.