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Short vignettes, and stories popping Artemis-like out of my head.

Beneath Her Heart – Ch 14

Collin took a few deep breaths to cool down a bit, then turned back to the woman watching him with rapt attention. “I have unsweetened iced tea, mineral water, and lemonade.”

Brody smiled. “You are very efficient, and if the smell is anything, a very good cook.” She laughed, a sound he felt clear to his toes. “Mineral water, please.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 13

Brody managed to complete her lesson plans earlier than expected. With the extra time, she stopped by a local bodega and picked up some wine. Although caffeine and alcohol were long removed from her menu, she still thought Collin would appreciate it. From his voice this afternoon, it sounded like this was going to be a heavy conversation.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 12

Brody walked into El Cerito High School and headed straight for the office.

“Good afternoon, Claire!” She smiled at the office assistant.  The middle age woman smiled back and reached under the counter, extracting a few pink notes.

“Hello, Brody, here are your phone messages. Your ESL books have arrived, too. I had the boxes moved to your office.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 11

It was a relaxed atmosphere while the food was being consumed.

“I have something for you.” Brody said, reaching into her purse. “Joe gave it to me. I think it’s from your sister.” She handed him a cream envelope with his name neatly written across it.  It felt like several pages at least.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 10

Brody blinked. Was it her or did the man in front of her stare at her body? She mentally shook her head.

When her tortillas arrived, she looked at the untouched snack before raising her eyebrow at Collin.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 09

“I’m sorry.” The gruff apology pulled Brody out of her reverie. She looked up, squinting as her eyes focused on the man standing next to her table. She felt a little too wilted to spar with him, yet she needed to show she was no pushover.

“Mr. Logan. It seems that you pop up in all the places I am. Are you stalking me?”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 08

Collin drove back to work, his mind in chaos after leaving the estate attorney’s office. Flashes of his sister and brother in law, at the beach, mountain climbing, wakeboarding at the local wave park. He remembered the quiet sad moments after she miscarried, the endless procedures they endured as they tried to have a child.  

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 07

Brody blinked a little as she stepped out into the bright sunshine. Her Santa Fe was parked a few parking spots from the entrance of the building. She used this time to think about what happened in the attorney’s office.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 06

Collin sat down with a thump, knocking over the water bottle in front of him. By reflex, he grabbed it before it could roll off the table. Turning to stare at the young woman next to him, he repeated. “’Uncle’?”

Brody gave a slight smile devoid of warmth and nodded. “Three months along. Approximate due date is May 17th.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 05

The meeting room was normally quite spacious, with seating for eight people. However, the presence of the glowering Mr. Logan seemed to fill the air with oppression.

Sitting several chairs down from him, Brody sat quietly with her hands in her lap. Only she knew that her hands were twisted together and clenched from all the tension in the air.

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