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A 2005 KBS drama. What happens when a 29-year-old married woman loses her memory and reverts to her 18-year-old self?

18 vs 29 – Episode 16 (Final)

18.vs.29 - E16[14-15-48]

So now Hye-chan has no recollection of when she thought she was 18 again, but remembers when she was originally 18 again. Confused?  You bet I am!

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18 vs 29 – Episode 15

18.vs.29 - E15[23-52-49]Well, we are almost to the end of this series, and my first ever complete recapping project.  I’m almost sad to see it done, except Monty Python is yelling “Get On With It!” in my head.  Our canon couple still can’t seem to find their way together, the meddlers keep meddling, and I’m pretty much rooting for the secondary couple at this time. Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 14

18.vs.29 - E14[11-18-20]

Our canon couple can’t seem to catch a break, from the media, from temptresses, or from angst.  Come on, show, I want more cute scenes!! Pretty please?? Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 13

It’s a push-pull yin-yang episode: Hye-won and Bong-gyu are together, but Grandfather forbids it.  Male Rival moves out; Missing Mom moves in.  And through it all, our couple work through their own dark worries to overcome some colorful and strangely bright clothing. Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 12


Is it spring yet?  The birds and the bees are finally working out the mechanics. Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 11

Can they return to their former cuteness?

Tentative growth in the flowering of our  in-laws, and the pimple of jealousy and uncertainty festers until it pops for our OTP.  Moments of Cuteness sponsored by Kim Noon! Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 10

From the Mister Obvious School of Celebrity Anonymity

Things are moving along in the story.  Finally, Sang-young gets a little understanding about what it means to be the partner of a famous individual; old flames pop up as plot devices, and my heart goes pitter-patter for a cute highschooler with puppy eyes and a nice set of pipes. Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 9

Everybody in the know is scrambling; the ignorant blissfully go on with their lives; and Reporter Choi constantly pops up like the annoying neighbor who won’t leave. Read the rest of this entry

18 vs 29 – Episode 8

Yeah, this episode is like that.

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18 vs 29 – Episode 7

Always remember to empty your Recycle Bin, if you want to hide something.    Read the rest of this entry