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ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Pisamai Wilaisak

In the flash and excitement of watching mainstream actors play our favorite couples, sometimes those in the background are not noticed. As the elders, the police, the doctors, and other, these unsung heroes deserve our attention as well!

This time, I wanted to shed some light on my favorite lakorn elder, Pisamai Wilaisak (พิศมัย วิไลศักดิ์).

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What is your “Full House”?



Product placement is so prevalent in today’s Asian dramas that even meta references elicit only a slight chuckle.  Cars, jewelry, phones, couture, anything and everything you see can be purchased.

Except the real estate.

From humble hanoks, to the palatial Full House Take 2 mansion, the production teams strive to find unique locations to film the dramas that make us laugh, cry, and F-bomb.  I would love to be a location scout for almost any Asian film studio, just for the sheer ability to walk through and fondle the stonework of some beautiful and amazing architecture.  Which brings me to the heart of this blog, and a question for my readers:

If you could live in any house in any Asian drama, which house would it be?  Read the rest of this entry

Big Bang in NYC – An Information Clearinghouse


Due to the amount of traffic regarding the BB Concert currently (tentatively?) scheduled for the Prudential Center in Newark NJ on November 9, 2012, I’ve set up a post on my blog for people.

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