This is a list of locations that have been used multiple times for different lakorns. If you have ever had an “A-ha!” moment, this is where you can go! Just click the box to see what lakorns I have found to match the locations, along with additional stills of both the interiors and exteriors where available. Enjoy!


Location 1:  [CLICK HERE]vlcsnap-2015-04-05-17h52m03s867

Location 2: [CLICK HERE]La Ruk Sut Kop Fah Palace

Location 3: [CLICK HERE]leh ratree 2015 night

Location 4: [CLICK HERE]Mia Taeng Main House

Location 5: [CLICK HERE]Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah Mattana's House - Also Hua Jai Tuan

Location 6: [CLICK HERE]Mafia Tee Ruk

Location 7: [CLICK HERE]Fai Jarod Sand royal palace

Location 8: [CLICK HERE]rashut

Location 9: [CLICK HERE]Maya See Mook Praek house and maybe Rahut Torachon

Location 10: [CLICK HERE]sud Sai Paan

Location 11: [CLICK HERE]Hua Jai Pathapee

Location 12: [CLICK HERE]Rak Rae

Location 13: [CLICK HERE]Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai

Location 14: [CLICK HERE]saopai jao

Location 15 [CLICK HERE]Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai 2

Location 16 [CLICK HERE]2 spirits love kewalin house

Location 17 [CLICK HERE]Samee Tee Tra. Pisoot's house

Location 18 [CLICK HERE]KWLPR house

Location 19 [CLICK HERE]JSCK Pee's in laws

Location 20: [CLICK HERE]jao-sao-chapor-kit

Location 21: [CLICK HERE]nang-rai-tee-rak

Location 22: [CLICK HERE]hjt-dive-shop

Location 23: [CLICK HERE]pit-sawat-chets-house

Location 24: [CLICK HERE]Hong Neur Mungkorn

Location 25 [CLICK HERE]jlk-sia-plas-house

Location 26: [CLICK HERE]K Hunsa - Tim's house

Location 27: [CLICK HERE]27

Location 28: [CLICK HERE]Raeng Pratanah farm

Location 29: [CLICK HERE]cupids 07 Ton's house

Location 30: [CLICK HERE]

Buang Banjathorn - Kheds house

Location 31: [CLICK HERE]SPJ 3

Location 32: [CLICK HERE]Jai Luang 1

Location 33: [CLICK HERE]Padiwarada

Location 34: [CLICK HERE]MLKD 03

Location 35: [CLICK HERE]majurat

Location 36: [CLICK HERE]sen sol kol rak

Location 37: [CLICK HERE]blue railing 1

Location 38: [CLICK HERE]Likit Ruk 01 Jiali


Location 40 [CLICK HERE]black couch apartment

Location 41: [CLICK HERE]trabab see chompoo

Location 42: [CLICK HERE]MLM Singh

Location 43: [CLICK HERE]majurat-holiday-02

Location 44: [CLICK HERE]brs-1

Location 45: [CLICK HERE]PH_3

Location 46: [CLICK HERE]HJS 01

Location 47: [CLICK HERE]white 2 story

Location 48: [CLICK HERE]Mon Jan Tra

Location 49: [CLICK HERE]49-jsjy-evil-real-estate-guys-house

Location 50: [CLICK HERE]50

Location 51: [CLICK HERE]Leh Rujuan 01

Location 52: [CLICK HERE]loc52-ratee-luang1

Location 53: [CLICK HERE]Phra Nakorn

Businesses and Other Locations

Location A1: [CLICK HERE]:Morrasoom Sawat - Mafia HQ - Jao Sao Chk Kit

Location A2: [CLICK HERE]Leh Rak Bussaba 1

Location B: [CLICK HERE]Puer Tur 2016

Location C: [CLICK HERE]


Location D: [CLICK HERE]

Ya Leum Chan 01

Location E: [CLICK HERE]Kammathep Sorn Kol

Location F: [CLICK HERE]Kiss Me 01

Location G: [CLICK HERE]morrasoom sawat outside office

Location H: [CLICK HERE]Rabbit Room


Location J: [CLICK HERE]J

Location K: [CLICK HERE]

Location L: [CLICK HERE]

Location M: [CLICK HERE]

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