Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 20 Final

The good guys win. Weir is hotness. The end.LRSKF 00

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 08

Collin drove back to work, his mind in chaos after leaving the estate attorney’s office. Flashes of his sister and brother in law, at the beach, mountain climbing, wakeboarding at the local wave park. He remembered the quiet sad moments after she miscarried, the endless procedures they endured as they tried to have a child.  

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 07

Brody blinked a little as she stepped out into the bright sunshine. Her Santa Fe was parked a few parking spots from the entrance of the building. She used this time to think about what happened in the attorney’s office.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 06

Collin sat down with a thump, knocking over the water bottle in front of him. By reflex, he grabbed it before it could roll off the table. Turning to stare at the young woman next to him, he repeated. “’Uncle’?”

Brody gave a slight smile devoid of warmth and nodded. “Three months along. Approximate due date is May 17th.”

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 05

The meeting room was normally quite spacious, with seating for eight people. However, the presence of the glowering Mr. Logan seemed to fill the air with oppression.

Sitting several chairs down from him, Brody sat quietly with her hands in her lap. Only she knew that her hands were twisted together and clenched from all the tension in the air.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 04

Brody took a deep breath as she watched the two men talk. She was disappointed Collin didn’t recognize his sister’s best friend from the community college. Okay, it had been over five years since they were in school together, both ending up in different universities. But in a tiny part of her heart, she hoped he remembered the pudgy, freckle-faced girl with glasses who was nigh attached at the hip with his sister for several years.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 03

After paying the cab driver, Brody looked up at the Mission Revival building in front of her and felt uncomfortable. Over the past week, she had fielded calls from the estate attorney while arranging her own work schedule at the school. Today they would discuss the future of her child.

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Beneath Her Heart – Ch 02

Collin Logan popped the cap off his water bottle and took a long, satisfying drink. His three-week Grand Canyon exploration tour was coming to an end. In two days, the group of ten will reach the southern rim and go their separate ways.

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Drabble: Beneath Her Heart – Ch 01

Here’s another 500-word drabble that demanded I write it. Dunno if it will bloom into a full-fledged story yet.

UPDATE: I decided to make this drabble the beginning of this year’s NaNoWriMo project. Wish me luck!

Rain sheeted down over the rolling valleys and pattered on the macadam road winding along one of the hills. The dark skies were perfectly suited to the tableau, familiar and yet unique. Two black vehicles were parked by rows of white markers, the dreary rain washing out the vegetation to a muted greyish green. Everything was monochrome and dull.

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April 2020 – National Poetry Month 4


OMG I did it! [falls over fainting]


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