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Winter Sonata – Episode 10

Now that Sang-hyuk has shown extreme jealousy and aggressiveness in their relationship, does Yoo-jin really want to stick around, especially with someone who ignores her requests, whines a lot, and basically tries to railroad her into matrimony?

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Winter Sonata – Episode 9

Thank you to all my patient readers waiting on the next recap of “Winter Sonata”. At this rate it may be winter again before I complete, but I am still plugging along!  


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Winter Sonata – Episode 8

It was a dark and stormy night. No really, it was a dark and stormy night. A sudden and gusty snowstorm has locked our couple together in the highest area of the resort. On a clear day you can see forever, but what can see in the dark confines of the heart?

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Winter Sonata – Episode 7

Yoo-jin has thrown herself in danger for the stranger that looks like her lover; how will that stranger react to such feelings?


Yoo-jin is rushed to the hospital after pushing Min-hyung out of the way so falling lumber. Sang-hyuk is pacing his hotel room when the doorbell rings. It’s Chae-lin, looking for her boyfriend. Since he’s not there, she whirls away. He gets the phone call from the hospital.

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Winter Sonata – Episode 6

I’m not gonna lie, this is my favorite episode. There’s so much development between our canon couple, the attraction, the revelations, and everything in between tell us that the pair’s relationship at the beginning is very different from the one at the end. At least, for one of them.

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Winter Sonata – Episode 5

Jealousy and Insecurity. Our lead male and second lead female are both standing on that cliff’s edge, and it’s going to take very little for either to fall into the waters of Assholery. Just who is this mysterious Lee Min-hyung, who looks so familiar but whose personality is completely different from their old classmate? Read the rest of this entry

Winter Sonata – Episode 4

Yoo-jin has come face to face with THE face that has been haunting her for a decade.  How will she handle this strange amalgam of high school crush and potential boss?

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Winter Sonata – Episode 3

In the last episode Joon-sang got hit by the Truck Of Doom on New Years Eve.  What does this episode have in store for our couple?  I’m doubting it’s puppies and rainbows.

NOTE: The original airing enjoyed at 19.2% viewership rating.  Anthony would have been proud!


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Winter Sonata – Episode 2


Shuk:  Episode 2 still has us back in the bonny days of 1992 as our pair grow closer.  As one of my first SK melodramas, this episode had the majority of the cute before all the angst began to muck up everything.   And we get the snow motif that is the cornerstone of the drama.

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Winter Sonata – Episode 1

Hello everyone!  Shukmeister here.  I’ve decided to recap what is considered among many circles as the first South Korean television drama that became successful internationally. Since it’s original airing in 2002, It was adapted to a anime series and a musical, created an entire tourism economy based on the filming locations, and is credited with creating the second “Hallyu Wave”, extending South Korean culture beyond its borders.  It also has a soundtrack that I still enjoy and listen to, even now.


What I found out, though, is that it has never been recapped online; at least, I’ve never been able to track it down.  Therefore,  I wanted to give back to one of the first Asian shows I ever watched.  And because it is old, the videos are a bit grainy and hardsubbed.  But that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the series! Read the rest of this entry