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Hidden Love – Chapter 13 and 14

Chapter Thirteen

The call turned out to be a trash can fire started by a stray cigarette butt; soon enough, they were back at the station and cleaning up the equipment. Becka was thankfully gone, but she left a note on his locker with her cell phone number. Paul grimaced as he removed it and stuck it on the inside of the locker door.

They had gone on a few movie dates in high school, but once he had met his late wife, who transferred to their school in their senior year, he never thought of another woman. He still didn’t; in spite of his promise to himself to keep an open mind, he just wasn’t interested.

However, at the end of shift, the thought of having dinner alone lacked appeal, so after he packed up his gear, he decided to give her a call. Read the rest of this entry


Hidden Love – Chapter 11 and 12

Chapter Eleven

After Millie left, Vivian sighed as she relaxed in her favorite chair, and leaned against the crocheted antimacassar.  She enjoyed the success they had in Atlantic City, but she wanted something more in her life than coming home with some extra pin money.

“I wonder if I should get a dog?” she mused out loud.  Her one worry was that, at her advanced age, she may outlive the poor thing and leave it orphaned in the world.  Then she shook off such maudlin thoughts as a momentary lapse. Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Love – Chapter 9 and 10

Chapter Nine

Christine hummed as she rinsed vegetables in sink.  These were the last of the tomatoes and green peppers from the garden; the fall days were getting cooler and soon the maple leaves outside the kitchen window would change into their brief but glorious burst of color.  She collected the makings of a couple of sandwiches, and carried it to the table. Read the rest of this entry