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Chapter 69 & 70

Chapter 69

Rickie racked his brain on the best course of action in this situation.  The fact that the kidnappers hadn’t gotten any information from Meaghan likely meant she was ignorant where those files, if they existed, were located.  On impulse, he called his home. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 67 & 68

Chapter 67

Rice dumplings, wine and dragon boats define the Duanwu Festival.  Generally held in the fifth lunar month, countries all around the South China Sea have embraced this Chinese holiday.  The human-powered longboat races is one of the most popular traditions, which meant both the harbor and the waterfront teamed with people and pleasure craft, jockeying for the best position to view the races.

To Rickie, all this additional confusion was an added frustration in finding the enemy.

Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 65 & 66

Chapter 65

Rickie stood unmoving on the beach, his binoculars trained at the Waterfront some distance away, where constantly-shifting throngs of people swirled around, intent on watching the colorful boats and their rows of straining men.  Outside the buoys marking the race course, vessels large and small lay quietly at anchor.   And in one of them, his very heart lay trapped and surrounded by evil. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 63 & 64

Chapter 63

Meaghan looked back at her jailor, who looked relaxed and unconcerned as she stared down at the bed with sharp blue/gray eyes. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 61 & 62

Chapter 61

The sound of Rickie’s phone rang in the silence.  It was an unfamiliar number, but he answered it.


En Ahmad?”  Leaf’s tentative voice sounded nothing like the happy girl he knew.

“Leaf?  It’s Rickie, how can I help you?”  A small sob was the only thing he heard at first. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 59 & 60

Chapter 59

Rickie pulled into an overnight café near her neighbourhood, turned the key in the ignition, and looked over at the silent woman in the passenger seat.  Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 57 & 58

Chapter 57

“Miss Torno, do you mind if I speak with Rick alone for a moment?  It won’t take long.  I just need to debrief him before he’s released from the hospital.” 

“Wait.” Rickie called, as she turned towards the door, “Wait until I’m able to leave and I’ll drive you home.  Please.”  He couldn’t stop the pleading tone.  Meaghan gave a jerky nod and all but rushed from the room.  Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 55 & 56

Chapter 55

Rickie felt the cold metal of the floor as he slowly became aware of his surroundings.  The fire in his belly flared as he tried to take a deep breath, and he couldn’t hold back a gasp. Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 53 & 54

Chapter 53

Rickie blew on his hands to warm them.  With the inky blackness of night, the breeze had taken a cooler turn.  Read the rest of this entry

Chapter 51 & 52

Chapter 51

Rickie turned the two-way radio volume back up and keyed the mike. Read the rest of this entry