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Painting with colors of hurt

I hope the friend I wrote this for feels better soon! Read the rest of this entry

LJ Entry – “Movie Haiku”

Haiku is one of my most favorite poetry forms.  Its short, to the point, and can pack a lot of amusement or sentiment – kind of like me!

Anyway, here’s collection of some of my original based on television shows, movies, and tropes. Doggerel?  Absolutely. Funny?  You be the judge. Read the rest of this entry

LJ Entry – “Breast Reduction Limerick”

One of my besties, M, had breast reduction surgery to reduce down from size G to a  more manageable C.  Well, it was time to send her flowers, since she lives in San Antonio TX and I live on the East Coast.  Several of us got together to send flowers, but I decided to personalize with a Shukmeister original limerick.  It just about took the entire character limit, but everyone agreed it was unique and funny: Read the rest of this entry

LJ Entry – “Wedding Poem”

Several months ago, I was asked to create a poem for a coworker’s daughter’s wedding.  I asked for details: how they met, colors of the wedding, etc. etc., and came up with this free-form verse.  He’s a police officer; she’s a graphic designer, and they met at the Greenbrier United Methodist Church. Read the rest of this entry

LJ Entry – “Winter Poetry”

I’m in the process of moving all my LiveJournal entries to WordPress, in order to have all my meanderings finally under one roof.  Thanks! Read the rest of this entry