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Hidden Love – Chapter 3 and 4

 Chapter Three

Paul trotted up to the neat white cottage and opened up the wooden gate with one hand, a bottle of wine tucked under the other arm.  He always enjoyed his grandmother fussing over the gifts he brought over.  He knocked politely, then let himself in.  Walking towards the sunny kitchen in the back of the house, he heard mumbling coming from the right parlor room.

His grandmother must be on her computer again. Read the rest of this entry

Hidden Love – Chapter 1 and 2


“My dearest Vivian –
Thank you for the last letter you sent. I can almost picture the snow on the ground when you describe it.  The long nights are the worst here at … socks are at a premium as the humidity makes it impossible to keep your feet dry.  When I am homesick, I think about the last time I was in Indiana, when the leaves where just starting to change colors, and when you and I strolled down to Anderson’s Drug Store for a single sarsaparilla with two straws.  With girls like you at home, we’ll push back the … straight back to their island. I hope…until I can once again walk hand in hand with you.  Ever your knight, Bill.”

Chapter One

“Come on baby, relax and let me take it off.”  A female voice crooned as Ned Jackson walked into the furniture shop and smiled.  His granddaughter was up early and already working on his antique Wooten desk.  Although their company employed several individual restoration specialists, the desk with its 110 cubbyholes and family history was one that Christine personally was restoring first by carefully removing the layers of grime that had built up over the 125 years that the desk had been in existence.  Read the rest of this entry