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Fall In Love With Me – A Redirect Post

After SqueeCapping my first Thai drama (Full House Thai), I’ve decided to try my hand at a Taiwanese drama.  My choice?  Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me, starring Aaron Yan  from the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit, and Tia Li. It’s a delightfully cute romp, where our male lead woos our ingenue as both a cold chaebol, and an awesome dork.

FILWM 14 12 Necklace 2

Oct 1 Update:  DONE!!  Yay!!  It started out soo good, until the writers threw us into a multiple-episode cryfest.  Oh well, maybe the next SqueeCap will be better. 🙂

    EPISODE 20

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Full House Thailand – A Redirect Post

Now, I know I said I’d take a hiatus from recapping currently-running shows. And with a few guest post bombs here and there, I’ve stuck with it. But then I watched the first episode of Full House, the Thailand version, I fell into it like Alice down the rabbit hole. A production by True Visions Asia, it is much more like the manhwa it is based on, than the traditional slap-slap-kiss revenge lakhorn that your normally find in Thai dramas. The lead couple is adorable, the settings are pretty, and the show is moving along nicely.

FHT 15 04 Mammoth DanceFHT 18 01 shoulder

As with all my recaps of current shows, the posts are being hosted by our gracious kakashi. Uri JoAnne unni is also onboard, reuniting us as a team yet again!  Ten episodes have already been released, so it’s going to take a while to catch up.  Just consider it a labor of madness love.

March 20th:  Completed!  Yay.  Wait!  Completed! [sobs]



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WHeir Are We Going: A Redirect Post

I think I need an intervention.  I have teamed up with several of my illustrious chingus to squeecap “Heirs: He Who Wears The Crown Must Bear Its Weight”.  Hey, with a pompous title like that, it’s gotta be good, right?  It also has a cast of about a dozen well known young actors, a few idols in need of acting lessons, and some beloved older icons.

Well, the first two episodes (so far) are set in California, so if you want to see how the world views Americans, tune in!  And cringe.  Anyway, everyone will be in rotation as recapper, squee-er, or gif-fer,  so stay tuned!  And if you are one of the 4,352 other people recapping this show, don’t worry.  There’s enough snark for everyone!Heir flip



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A Redirect Post – Heartless City


Now I know I told everyone that after When A Man Loves, I was going to focus on my personal writing, but the girls got me sucked into another SqueeCap.  Heartless City. Unlike it’s predecessor, it’s darker and grittier.  It also has some awesome characters surrounded by some of the dumbest police officers this side of…well…I can’t even think of anything.  More clueless than Clouseau, more clumsy than Maxwell Smart, and less endearing than the Keystone Kops.  But the bads guys!! Oh the bad guys….[drifting off into memory].  Well, anyway, here are the links to the individual SqueeCap episodes found on The Problematic Of the Unproblematic. There are also SqueeCaps for When A Man Loves, Special Team Ten Season 2, and the currently-airing Goddess of Marriage.

So we are finally done, and the links to all episodes are below.  It was a heck of a ride, and thank you everyone for sticking with JoAnne, kakashi, and I for this project!

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When A Woman Loves “When A Man Loves” – A Redirect Blog

When A Man Loves - E02[(001048)02-44-47]-300x169We say goodbye to those sparkling choco abs as the final episode is SqueeCapped.  I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Episode 20

Episode 19

Episode 18

Episode 17

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