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Taec’s sparkly ears.

In response to a DB fan request, I give you the sparkly ears of Taecyon from his role in”Who Are You”.

Who Are You - Ep 12[07-37-08]-300x195

Thanks for the suggestion, Manin!



Who Are You – A Redirect Post

Who Are You - Ep 08[20-44-49]

Help!  I can’t get off the merry-go-round of recapping!  I got hooked on another one:  TvN’s “Who Are You”.  Detective Shi-on has been able to see ghosts ever since she awoke from a six-year coma.  She was injured at the same time her fiancee was killed.  Now she works in the (supposedly) boring Lost and Found Department of the police.  Except, she keeps finding things that people hope will stay buried.

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       Episode 16 (End)

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