Winter Sonata – Episode 9

Thank you to all my patient readers waiting on the next recap of “Winter Sonata”. At this rate it may be winter again before I complete, but I am still plugging along!  



It’s still dark when our couple arrives at the resort. Yoo-jin is asleep, exhausted, and Min-hyung takes a moment to caress her hair, wondering if she ever sees the man and not the doppelganger of her first love. Her eyes pop open and he quickly removes his hand.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(001401)03-57-18] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(004659)03-58-30]

He offers to grabs some warm drinks, and bolts from the truck. Of course, by the time he returns , she’s gone, leaving a thank you note.

Kang Joon-sang’s mother arrives at a vine-covered building. Everything seems relatively dust-free, and the piano stayed in tune. Does she visit this house every time she’s in the area? It’s clear nobody currently lives there.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(008780)04-00-47] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(010406)04-04-42]

Manager Kim brings today’s schedule to his boss. He wonders where Min-hyung drove off to last night; he had heard it from Jung-ah. After all, the sidekicks need to stick together. He speculates that his boss had a date with the lovely designer, but Min-hyung denies it, stating Yoo-jin missed the last bus and he went to pick her up. Manager Kim wonders why she is in a somber mood.

Yoo-jin is outside on a bench, going back over the events of the night, when Min-hyung tracks her down. They go for a walk. Despite her reluctance, he wraps his scarf around her and grabs her hand, telling her that sometimes you meet a crossroads in your life, and you will need to make a decision. Or, just go with the flow. Okay, I don’t understand the advice, but whatever.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(015739)04-12-39] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(020808)04-13-37]

Afterwards, she receives a phone call from an apologetic Kim sang-hyuk. She heads down the mountain and meets him for coffee. During the conversation, she tells him they need to rethink their marriage plans. Clearly , this is not what he wanted to hear, and he immediately goes on the defensive. Is it because of Min-hyung? He refuses any change in their status or any change in her heart, and stomps off.

Sang-hyuk is at home, acting like there’s nothing wrong while his mom makes dinner, and still talks about the upcoming nuptials. Yep, he’s clearly in denial mode.

The sidekicks and Boss Lee are heading for the slopes when they bump into Yoo-jin. She pulls Min-hyung away from the group for a moment, so they have a quiet time with hot chocolate. She admits that she likes him, but won’t do anything about it. She also put her marriage on hold, not wanting to hurt either man, and plans to spend some time alone. He argues that she’s copping out on any chance of happiness.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(026566)04-15-16] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(027299)04-15-37]

The next day Manager Kim and Project Leader Lee watch the concert trucks trundle to the resort. Sang-hyuk uses the opportunity to track down Min-hyung for a little “meum et tuum” conversation. Basically, Yoo-jin is his and Min-hyung shouldn’t be sniffing around her using his dead-love looks to sway her.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(033410)04-17-10] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(038371)04-18-36]

Min-hyung confidently says it’s completely her decision. We all know Sang-hyuk has an inferiority complex, so this can’t end up well. He leaves the office and immediately seeks out Yoo-jin, playing the adoring fiancé to the hilt in front of her boss. Her eyes call bullshit as she tells him she’s working late, but he sidesteps that by telling her he will escort her to the outdoor concert that evening.

Promptly at 1900 hours, he shows up at her hotel room, and takes her to meet his coworker for dinner, doing all the touchy-feely things a fiancé does. Ugh. In the wake of her request to cool it, it’s clear he completely dismisses her request and her feelings. They arrive at the resort restaurant, where Min-hyung is also eating with Manager Kim, and makes sure the engineer overhears wedding-talk. She says nothing to refute it, and soon Min-hyung leaves the restaurant with Manager Kim in tow.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(041391)04-24-36] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(041644)04-24-51]

FYI: Least favorite suit on Bae Yong-joon (baggy mint is NOT a good look for him).

Min-hyuk ends up walking alone outside to think, while the couple breaks off from the DJ. Sang-hyuk wilts under Yoo-jin’s stare; he knows he behaved badly and tries to cover it up with anecdotes. She stops him; his behavior changes nothing of her decision. He yet again refuses to hear what she’s saying.

She leaves the table, and he chases after her, spinning her around in the lobby. He can’t let go of her, even though it’s been a one-sided love all these years. She’s shocked that he would even doubt that she cares for him. He tells her to just stay by his side, like always. When she demurs, he shakes her and insists it’s because of Min-hyung. Whups, the person in question shows up, and warns Sang-hyuk to stop mistreating Yoo-jin. He challenges Sang-hyuk to punch him, and sneers that he was probably taught that it was wrong to hit. Something about that phrase jars him, and he lets go of Min-hyung, and there is a flashback of Kang Joon-sang saying those exact words ten years before.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(050559)04-27-55] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(053842)04-28-27]

We get a montage of our love triangle: Min-hyung and Sang-hyuk staring out their respective windows; Yoo-jin sadly taking a walk.

Kim Dad is reading the article on Kang Min-hee’s piano concert when his son calls to make sure his parents come to the outdoor concert. He also calls Oh Chae-lin to confirm that the gang will be there as well.

Yoo-jin wonders if Min-hyung feels bad about what happened last night. He laughs a little and calls her soft-hearted; she spends too much time worrying about other people and therefore makes herself and them miserable. Her heart is something he likes, but she could do better by making herself clear. No matter what, he will support her decisions.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(062528)04-30-27] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(065198)04-30-59]

The Kims show up at the resort, and Sang-hyuk escorts them to the concert venue. They bump into Min-hyuk and Yoo-jin, and Dad is right away struck by the appearance of that earnest young high schooler a decade before. Sang-hyuk hastens to explain Min-hyuk’s presence and appearance. Mom shoots a scathing glance at her son’s fiancée before the elders leave. AS the couple walk in the other direction, Yoo-jin wonders why Joon-sang would have visited Professor Kim.

A short time later, the rest of the gang shows up with Yoo-jin’s mom. The parents are left together in the lounge, but the conversation is a little stilted. Jung Mom apologizes for her daughter’s behavior at the engagement party. Kim Mom says nothing, but Kim Dad is good at bouncing the conversation ball.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(070422)04-35-16] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(075604)04-35-58]

Chae-lin stops by the engineer’s office; Min-hyuk is less than thrilled to see her. She snarks that his love must not be smooth sailing, and he admits it’s been rough. She angles for a drink later but he declines. She smiles an evil smile before leaving, and tells him the concert will have some interesting parts.

Min-hyuk and Yoo-jin are walking together, and he comments on how his scarf looks good on her. She immediately attempts to remove it, but he tosses it back playfully. Finally, she manages to tie it around his, all in view of a now-angry Kim Mom who happens upon them when heading back to their hotel room.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(079045)04-37-14] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(085042)04-37-57]

The concert begins, a series of jazz and operatic pieces. The Kim / Jung party are in the front row. Sang-hyuk is clearly planning something; the moment the renovation team shows up, he quickly cuts Yoo-jin out of the herd to the front of the concert. She’s happy to see her mom and they share a hug. The rest of the team finds seating nearby.

Finally, the concert comes to the end, and the MC brings Producer Kim Sang-hyuk to the stage. The MC goes on to explain the reason behind the outdoor concert; his finacee works at the resort. Yoo-jin is all but pushed onto stage, where Sang-hyuk announces their wedding next month, which is a complete surprise to everyone. Yoo-jin is forced to endure a spotlight song. Kim Mom is furious, Yoo-jin is downcast, and Sang-hyuk is quiet, but everyone else is excitedly happy. Min-hyuk leaves the venue while Chae-lin smirks and Sang-hyuk looks triumphant.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(097324)04-44-45] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(098369)04-46-06]

Manager Kim meets up with Min-hyuk, and sympathizes with his boss, saying that the woman in question is stuck in a hard place. It’s even worse, though. The Jungs are being grilled by Kim Mom, who is thoroughly unpleasant in her disdain for her son’s chosen. It’s an unfortunate moment that Manager Kim and Engineer Lee arrive as Kim Mom accuses Yoo-jin of loving another man.

Min-hyuk apologizes for any misunderstanding but insists Yoo-jin is innocent. Sang-hyuk gets nasty toward him until Yoo-jin jumps up and cries that she won’t marry Sang-hyuk. She runs away, leaving a thunderstruck party behind.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(102547)04-48-25] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(103765)04-48-47]

Min-hyuk finally catches up with her and, with one look at the tears swimming in her eyes, gives her a big hug. He asks her to follow him for a bit, and when she acquiesces, hugs her again.

Sang-hyuk frantically searches the parking lot, but doesn’t see the pair until it’s too late; they head out in the truck to points unknown.

Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(108491)04-51-21] Winter_Sonata_ep-09[T1][(111292)04-52-16]

The truck arrives at a villa outside town, that belongs to the Lee family. Before he can unlock and open the door, however, Kang Joon-sang’s mother opens it up from the inside and hugs her son.


We now have the proof that Kang Joon-sang and Lee Min-hyuk are the same person. Her surname is Kang, and she asked about Kang Joon-sang as soon as she landed in South Korea. And now she greets Min-hyung as her son. So now it’s time for some revealing; what happened ten years ago? And where does Yoo-jin, and, really, all the people from his past belong. And why is he so altered that the only thing familiar is his face? You would think that the Truck of Doom all those years before would have messed up his face but kept his personality intact.

Either way, Yoo-jin’s life is taking a turn into a bad place. Her fiancé is determined to marry her over her own objections, and the current object of her interest appears to have secrets of his own. And we aren’t even halfway through the series.



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