18 vs 29 – Episode 11

Can they return to their former cuteness?

Tentative growth in the flowering of our  in-laws, and the pimple of jealousy and uncertainty festers until it pops for our OTP.  Moments of Cuteness sponsored by Kim Noon!

Episode 11

After watching Hye-chan and Si-woo drive off together, Sang-young calls her.   Si-woo smiles as a clearly irate Sang-young yells at her, although she pretends he’s just supplying encouragement.   Sang-young jumps in his SUV to chase after them.


His fears may be justified; instead of the school, Si-woo takes them to a secluded nature park, pushes her against a tree, and offers his lips….NOT.  The sound of a police siren wakes Sang-young out of his self-induced nightmare and straight into a speeding ticket.

In fact, the pair is talking to their favorite teacher, who surmises that she was scouting the school when she first showed up in gym clothes.  She doesn’t correct his assumption, although Si-woo looks curious.

At home, Sang-young searches Hye-chan email inbox and finds Si-woo’s responses to her email, with a final one outlining the school’s information and her class syllabus.  While dark thoughts swirl around his head like Angry Birds, he receives a phone from the studio.  It turns out Ji-young actually quit the drama mid-production and disappeared.

At the school, an impromptu talent audition has started.  Kim Noon shows up quoting love poetry, but Si-woo dismisses him.  The Stalker Girls plead his case and Si-woo gives in; winking to Hye-chan that she is the real reason Kim Noon will be allowed on the show.


Sang-young has an idea where Ji-young might have gone, and finds her at her family’s mountainside cottage.  The two of them go for a walk, and Ji-young tells him she can’t help but think of the problems he’s having.  He reminds her that this is just a fleeting moment in their lives.  At the cottage, he tries to convince her to go back to Seoul,  and she promises to return tomorrow.  He helps her with a few chores, then goes to wash his hands before leaving, removing his watch and setting it next to the sink.

Back at the house, he wordlessly goes to his bedroom, and Hye-chan follows him in.  His jealousy flares as he tells her he saw the tete-a-tete with Si-woo in the parking lot.  He gives her permission to date Si-woo and orders her out of the room.

Hye-chan flounces off in a huff, but sits down to think about what was said.  She remembered the conversation with Si-woo where he made arrangements for her in New York City, and thinks about her current relationships. [Show, please tell me her thinking is maturing, please please (add aegyo as needed)?]


Bong-kyu is having a meal with grandparents, and the Dictator chastises him for running out on his blind date. bong-kyu finally admits that he has a girlfriend, who runs an academy.  They immediately perk up, and demand he bring her by for dinner sometime.

He breaks the news to Hye-won, but warns her that the grandparents would push for a marriage.  Hye-won beams; why is that a problem.  Her face falls when Bong-kyu explains: (a) they will go crazy when they find out it’s their daughter-in-law’s sisters; and (b) he isn’t ready to marry.

The next day, our happy triangle begins the new chapters of their lives.

Things don’t start well at the production studio. Hye-chan gets the cold shoulder from the show’s production head, who is younger but talks in banmal to her, and considers her a temporary nuisance.  She gets sent off to the editing room, but has no idea how to use the equipment.  Si-woo sees her, and uses it as an excuse to crowd her personal space.


Ji-young apologizes to her aunt for skipping out.  Aunt Producer states she is starting a new project with a film festival, and is bringing in actress Im Ji-ok to be the MC.  She has been living in America for some years, but has agreed to return to Korea.  While talking with her aunt, Ji-young gets a phone call from Si-woo, who asks her to host the game show.  She cooly turns him down, at least, until Hye-chan shows up as his assistant. Charm Whiplash time, and Ji-young promises to consider it.

She pulls Hye-chan aside for a private chat, and yet again we are subjected to the multiple personalities of Ji-young as she hands Sang-young’s wristwatch to his wife, explaining he left it while he was with her last night…


Sang-young goes on a variety show hauling fish at the local market, but he’s really really bad at it.  After dropping containers, being hit by flying ice, and butt-pinched by admiring ahjummas,  he ends up locked in freezer while the film crew searches for him.


Kim Noon calls Hye-chan, and meets up with her, finding her sleeping on a book in the library.  After a couple of puppy dog looks, he accidentally wakes her up trying to sop up the sleepdrool.  To wake up, they walked a gravel pathway barefoot, until a sudden leg cramped felled Hye-chan.  Kim Noon is only too happy to massage her ankle, leading to an awkward moment.  To break it up, Hye-chan started a water fight, and Kim Noon got ever more moony-eyed, picturing Hye-chan in soft and sparkly light.  He jumped up, ran to a tree, and tried multiplication tables to calm himself.

At the fish market, they finally found Sang-young, covered in frost and gripping a skate.  Shivering on the way home, Sang-young broke the news to Manager Ahn that he wanted to return to the stage.  Manager Ahn assumes that his brain was frozen.  He took a hot shower at home, stepping out in a towel just in time for Hye-chan to get an eyeful.  Nevertheless, she follows him to the bedroom and gives him back his watch.


He explains the situation in the mountains,  but it degenerates into a Why-Can-You-Hang-With-Ji-young-But-I-Can’t-Hang-With-Si-woo seething conversation.  Hye-chan wonders why she married him, and Sang-young counters that it was all her idea to get married

Once she left the room, he remembers how he had left his watch during their courtship, and she had secretly changed the time in order to miss the last train and spend more time with him.  The flashback show that she proposed marriage in the train station while waiting for the rain to clear and the first train of the day.


Hye-won is having a soju drunkfest with Manager Ahn when Bong-kyu shows up and escorts her away while Manager Ahn was temporarily indisposed.  Her phone buzzed while he was rolling her into bed, and, in a fit of pique,  sends him a text that she was taken.

Sang-young comes out of his room looking for Hye-chan, and finds her typing away at her laptop.  He childishly throws the circuit breaker, causing her to lose everything she’s written. [Um, so there’s no batteries in Korean laptops??]  He offers to help her rewrite it longhand, by candlelight.

The next day, at the production meeting, the team (and Ji-young) discussed the format changes to the show.  Ji-young spitefully bashes all of Hye-chan’s ideas, explaining she wanted to be part of a quality product.


Sang-young reads a stage script from his old theater manager,  and all but agreed to do it.  A reminder for a shoot has him heading for the door, regretfully declining a get-together with his old drama friends from school.

Kim Noon is rubbing Hye-chan’s legs while she smiled, then she reached out to cup his cheek and whispers his name.  “Kim Noo…”  The snap of the Hye-son’s voice wakes him up from a nap on his desk.  She scolds him to the bathroom, where he throws water on his face and tries to snap out of his Hye-chan fixation.

Sang-young is at the studio to meet up with his manager, and bumps into Ji-young. She tells him she is the host of “Golden Bell”, gives a little dig regarding how well Si-woo and Hye-chan are working together, and then saunters off.

Hye-chan overhears some workers talking about the waning star Sang-young and his pitiful video handling fish,  and she realizes what he’s been reduced to doing.  Si-woo asks her to come to a drama group party, and she reluctantly agrees…


…Which is, of course, where her husband is, watching her walk into the restaurant with Si-woo.  After a few beers, Hye-chan gets concerned over his taciturn state, but he brushes off her worries and continues drinking.  Then Si-woo gets into the fray, chastising Sang-young for pressuring Hye-chan to quit the show.  Tempers run high, fists fly, and Sang-young ends up on the floor sporting a bleeding lip.

At home, the verbal fighting escalates between our couple, and Sang-young’s insecurities emerge:

S:  That’s right, everything is wrong with me.  I’m afraid my wife’s going to leave me so I’m acting like a suspicious husband, okay?

H:  Do you really hate me working with Si-woo that much?  Then I’ll quit. All I have to do is quit.

S:  Why quit?  Just go to him.  Whenever we had any trouble, you always ran to him, didn’t you?  Whether you work with him or set up house with him, do what you want!

H:  Why are you saying that? Is that what you really want? You want to tell me to tell you to go to Ji-young? Would you like that?

S:  Do what you want!

H:  I’m really disappointed in you. Is this all you are?

S:  That’s right…this is all I am.  Isn’t that why you were going to leave me and study abroad?

Finally, Sang-young breaks down and cries.  Yay!  Couple Turnaround time!!!  And about time, too, I think.


Flashback sequence: After the marriage proposal, Bong-man is reluctant to accept, so Hye-chan pulls the ‘study abroad’ card.  He tells her to leave then, just like his mom.  She calls him stupid and says she won’t leave him, ever, if only he would hold onto her.  After more tears in the rain, they end up sharing a room at a local hostel.  He ends up spilling water on her pallet, so the only solution…..

And a wolf howls as the lights go out.

~    ~    ~

I’m hoping we get an episode of cute, now that Sang-young’s worst fears have been brought to the light from wherever they had been festering.  There’s still a few minor conflicts left as we roll down to the end: The two in-laws falling in love, the friction between Si-woo and Sang-young, and, of course, Sang-young’s career.  Still, I hope for a makjang-free finish; no cancer or heart problems for the Dictator (who has a heart of gold in spite of his gravely exterior), no more laser-guided amnesia, or other tropes that so typically rear their heads about now in the storyline.  Of course, since this IS a typical storyline, maybe that’s too much to hope for??



Episode 12



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