National Poetry Month – Week Two


April 8 Haiku  – dedicated to a friend who does prison ministry.

When metal doors close
A path to God’s love opens
Inside these gray walls.

April 9

For a brief moment, the sun shines brightly overhead
The tendrils of winter recede, and we once again venture outdoors
We open doors and windows, and drive with the top down, to slough off 
The doldrums of the chilly months.
But wait.
Within this brightness, an insidious intruder awaits
To quietly enter those egresses, unbeknownst
Until it is too late, and we look in horror at our shiny surfaces,
Lightly touched with the yellows of spring.
Pollen season has begun.

April 10 – It is a strange rhyme pattern: two pairs of words with assonance, bracketed by rhymes in the first and last lines.

Oh granite blocks, and wars, and locks.
By window the dog curled below, in her world,
The sounds of the cello rebound and say hello.
And straight across, the homeless wait, lost
Their dreams and their stories, schemes and glories,
Lie huddled and weary, eyes muddled and bleary.
The streets of this city beats, without pity,
Where drunks stumble from bars and punks steal their cars.
Billions shove and die, love and cry,
The urban sprawl, the suburban mall.
 We are so mere, we should adore and hold dear, our Planet so.

April 11th – Done in the style of Ogden Nash

My leather belt
It kept his innards in;
It keeps my outers up!

 April 12th – Haiku

I rake final leaves
As the flowers of the spring
Joyously open.

April 13th – Prepping my parent’s house for their return after six months

There once was a couple so gray
They scared me by heading this way
My stuff I cleaned out
Both inside and out
OMG They’ll be here by Wednesday!

April 14th – Tax Day Eve, done in the style of a Shakespearian quotation

Thy hard-won gains doth goeth
Where thoust may not knoweth
Fair travels, fair Gold!
 I may seeith yee agin
When in Hell it snoweth

About Shukmeister

I have a great fondness for chocolate chip cookie dough, 80's science fiction movies, and thunderstorms.

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