Lah Ruk Sut Kop Fah – Episode 11

Our couple tries to secretly keep in touch with each other, but things are getting ugly in the palace as the useless Crown Prince’s behaviors are brought  to light.  Even though they are his responsibility, no doubt Kamin will try to deflect the blame.  I’m beginning to think both Kamin and Makey need a sound spanking.

LRSKF 11 03 Sinthorn Fist


Poor, evil Mintra. No, not really. Tayvee verbally thrashes her for the missing video; they end up barking at each other about all the wasted effort and the anger of the queen.

In her room, Mintra frantically searches the tablet for the video file, but it is long long gone. She wonders (a) who is helping Mattana; and (b) Why is that woman always so lucky?

LRSKF 11 embedded[21-35-21]LRSKF 11 embedded[21-33-21]

In Thailand, Asit Skypes General Witoon. He is ready to head over and start the mining in earnest, but he is worried about lost profits as they wait and wait. Witoon reminds the bearded thug that he failed to neutralize the bride-to-be. Plus, where will he find another source of emeralds? A flash of a monster-big green beryl, and Asit is back in the game. The general assures him that it won’t be long, and asks him to amass a few heavy weapons to bring with him.

At the temple, Kamin meets up with Hareutai, who asks about the video clip. The girl admits she doesn’t know who actually recorded, only that the queen never had a chance to view it. He thanks her, but she blows it off as her own selfishness, taking a page from all the selfish people she is surrounded by that have hurt her trust. She sniffs back tears and turns to leave, but Kamin stops her for a moment. She resists a little before collapsing in a faint. Uh-oh, we all know what that means.

Sure enough, the healer at the temple confirms she’s feeling fatigued and nauseated because of her pregnancy. Bombshell! And her healer skills also detect that the baby is of royal blood. Hareutai actually asks the “how since I have no husband” question, before realizing that Gabriel The Archangel wasn’t going to explain away this one.

LRSKF 11 embedded[21-37-46]LRSKF 11 embedded[21-38-25]

Kamin and Hareutai go for a drive. Was the temple this far from the palace before? Anyway, they arrive at the royal compound; Kamin offers her a friendly shoulder whenever she needs it. She declines but gets lightheaded. He catches her, which earns an evil stare from Suthep.

It’s 2:00 pm; as Kamin’s phone alarm pings, Suthep tries to grab it, suspecting shenanigans. Kamin gets the better of the bad guy guard, and hides the phone before Tayvee shows up to berate him for causing a ruckus in her place. Hareutai saves the day by explaining his assistance, and he leaves with phone in hand.

LRSKF 11 01 phone catch

Meanwhile, Mattana is waiting in the powder room for the call while Mintra listens outside the bathroom door. Mintra finally knocks on the door, so Mattana fakes a stomach illness and ducks out.


Hareutai, our clever girl, tells her mother that she faked fainting at the temple because she thought Prince Makey would be there. Since it was only Kamin, she kept up the pretense in the hope it would get some notice by the prince. Tayvee scoffs that it’s a little too late for womanly wiles to be effective, but warns her not to get too chummy with the captain of the royal guard.

The guards are working out in the weird brickyard under the watchful eye of Sinthorn. Kamin walks past absentmindedly, not even noticing that one of the soldiers accidently knocked a swordspear towards his head. Quick-thinking Sinthorn uses another one to knock errant weapon out of the sky. He finally comes to and apologizes for wandering through the training field. The prince isn’t practicing; he has been studying his literature at night and not sleeping much. Kamin thinks this is a sign of maturity.

LRSKF 11 embedded[21-25-06]LRSKF 11 embedded[21-24-21]

Part of the drill is to warm up the troops before they start assembling at 3 o’clock pm to get ready for the whistle-stop. Kamin jolts when he realizes that it’s already 2:45 pm. Oh snap! He rushes to find a quiet spot for his very late daily phone call.

Mattana is completing some tour paperwork of her own with Bulan. Inside her packet, she finds a Rayan spreadsheet that turns out to be Kamin’s work schedule. It looks very full and busy, and Bulan comments that Kamin barely has time to sleep. He’s the King’s right hand man, in charge of all his projects, the Crown Prince, and the Royal Guards. Mattana finally realizes how packed and busy her knight really is.

LRSKF 11 embedded[21-27-21]LRSKF 11 embedded[21-28-53]

Kamin finally gives her a call, but there’s no answer. He calls several times. Crap, Mintra is in Mattana’s room, trying to find the source of the ringing, and finds the phone under the Phrakoomun’s pillow. The screen shows that “Mr K” is calling. The background is Yu-Gi-Oh’s Seto Kaiba, who was recently identified as one of the Top Ten Anti-Heroes of anime.

Before she can do anything with it, though, Mattana arrives, and Mintra has to retreat without the device. Really, Mattana, it would be best to keep a secret device on vibrate, or Silent Mode, really. When Mintra finally leaves, Mattana can look at her phone – there are 13 missed calls from Mr. K, the last one at 6:38 pm. She calls him back, and it’s almost 3pm again. I guess the time is wrong on the phone…but…doesn’t it automatically update?

LRSKF 11 embedded[21-33-53]LRSKF 11 embedded[21-35-33]

Anyway, she calls him back and quickly answers and apologizes. She makes of a show of not accepting his apology, but mostly because she wants his forgiveness, too. It’s very selfish of her to demand he call her on the dot, when clearly he has massive amounts of responsibility on his shoulders. He is touched while she continues; it doesn’t matter when he calls, as long as she can hear his voice and know he is still there for her. She promises to do her duties to the best of her abilities, while waiting for him to resolve the personal situation. They hang up, and both smile. His grin quickly disappears, though.

It’s time for the tour, and the Royal Procession is walking through a town square festooned with green bunting. Sinthorn and Kamin are walking along, with various guards and reporters and townspeople scattered around. We get a montage of the Royal Couple meeting the people, accepting gifts, etc.

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-29-20]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-29-45]

Suddenly two people run towards the entourage. Kamin orders the townspeople to sit down as he gathers the troops around Prince Makey. The pair of citizens is forced to the ground, and Mattana sees that one of them is carrying a baby. The pair doesn’t say anything, but the man is wilding waving his arms. Mattana realizes something is different about them, and breaks through the guards to approach them. Kamin tries to stop her, but she waves him back.

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-30-47]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-31-57]

Mattana kneels in front of the family. It turns out she knows sign language, and the man is trying to say something. She signs for them to calm down and asks them the problem. Kamin finally realizes the situation; he reaches for the child and finds out it has a very high fever. Prince Makey orders Sinthorn to take the child to the nearest hospital; Mattana explains this to the frantic couple, all while the cameras are rolling. The prince is suitably impressed; Mintra sniffs distain.

thai clipart

In Thailand, Asit is chafing under General Witoon’s enforced waiting, but he continues ordering the requested weapons. He decides to check on his son, only to find out that his goons are tied up and Akanee is nowhere to be found. They reach down to untie them when a soldier clad in body armor and a balaclava and a large assault weapon pops up from behind a wall. The thug grasps that it’s a toy gun, but still stands down and places his pistol on the ground.

The soldier reaches for it when Asit knocks him back with a single kick. After a few punches, the soldier is knocked out and helpless. The boss prepares to shoot him until the frantic noises and efforts of the tied-up guards distract him. Whups! It’s his son, playing mercenary with an airsoft gun.

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-33-30]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-33-56]

He was practicing a rescue mission, after receiving a text from Mattana: “I am being tortured. Please help me before I die.” His Mat is in some strange and uncivilized country, and he has to go save her! Even if he has to play the role of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, he has to rescue her. He dad restrains him; they are heading to Raya soon anyway, so Akanee needs to wait and they will go there.

thai clipart

King Inthra congratulates Mattana regarding the deaf couple; her quick thinking probably saved the child. And according to Kamin, even Makey did an excellent job! The king is even more convinced she is the best woman to be with his son. Neither Mattana nor Kamin say anything.

That night, our Kamin on the practice field, this time beating up a poor haybale target, filled with rage. He flashes back to the previous meeting with the king. After Makey and Mattana left, the king revealed to Phokin and Kamin that the date for the wedding had been set. Not only that, it has been moved up to mere weeks away.  Time is running out for our OTP!

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-34-56]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-35-16]

Kamin ends up drinking with a bunch of his men around a campfire.  They toast their leader and role model, but he drunkenly declines their accolades, saying he is actually one of the worst people inside the palace.  Everybody salutes him anyway, and never notice his depressed sadness or the tears lurking in his eyes.

Tayvee is angry that the Thai woman received many accolades yesterday, and yet her husband is nowhere to be found. Suthep assures her that he is working for their plans.

The second day of the tour begins without Kamin; Sinthorn finds his room empty. I’m guessing he probably passed out in the field. The royal couple visits a textile area, were various fabrics are dyed and hung to air dry, while a local woman explains the uses of the different materials. Mattana is fascinated by a beautiful woven cloth; the weavers explain that they created the fabric based on patterns designed by someone else. She points to the artist – none other than Hareutai herself!

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-45-34]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-45-57]

Mattana heads over to greet her while a suddenly-grumpy Makey and guards follow in her wake. She is surprised to see the pair there, but masks it under polite formality. Mattana asks how she comes up with the designs just before the prince arrives and demands to know why she is there. She makes obeisance and leaves, much to Mattana’s annoyance. She mutters that she didn’t get her answer. Makey jumps on her statement; what was Hareutai planning to tell her? Hmm, I’m sensing a guilty conscience here. Mattana says nothing, and they continue their walk through the area.

Makey pulls Sinthorn aside and gripes about Hareutai’s presence, while Sinthorn explains that she is in charge of the textile project. Makey demands next time that his itinerary be a secret. Um, Princey, if no one knows you’re arriving, how do you expect to meet anybody? I fear for the country if this is the best example of the upcoming leadership.

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-49-23]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-49-54]

Hareutai walks to another area where fabrics are drying; the prince appears to have followed her. He storms up to her and grabs her arms, insisting that she was going to tell Mattana about “that night”. What a jerk. In a cold voice, she tells him not to worry about it; she will never tell anyone of that shameful night. With that, she flees the area, and ends up hiding in a small barn full of hay.

Kamin wakes up alone under a tree; I guess his underlings didn’t feel the need to wake his butt up. He spends a few moments squinting at the sun with that fuzzy-tongue feel before sitting up. A minute longer and he goes into “oh crap” mode – his missed his billet!

LRSKF 11 02 bender wake

At the textiles area, Makey finally shows back up and peremptorily decides that it’s time to leave for the next location. Mattana wants to invite Hareutai to join the entourage, but the prince says she’s already left the area. Just then, a man all in black drops a 55-gallon drum on the path. I pretty sure it’s Suthep. The guards surround the prince to protect him as the villagers are ordered to sit down. NO one notices our Phrakoomun as she chases after the fleeing man.

LRSKF 11 embedded[20-56-25]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-57-59]

Suthep enters the same building Hareutai was hiding; Mattana goes in with a bamboo stick. However, once she clears the doors, he scurries out and locks it, trapping both Mattana and Hareutai inside. In the clearing, Sinthorn gives the all-clear, and only then that they realize the queen-to-be is missing.

King Inthra tries to talk to Queen Savitri about their son. She plays all high-and-mighty, believing that the Thai woman has seduced her innocent precious son. Blech. The king finds the conversation insulting for both young people, and leaves. Savitri doesn’t care, since the woman will become a non-issue that day. Whups, I guess she knew of General Witoon’s plan to kill the fiancée.

In the barn, the girls panic when they see smoke, but since the door won’t open, there’s not much they can do. Hareutai collapses while Mattana tries to find some place to escape the flames. We see the black glove of a Royal Guard aim a gun and shoot the lock off. It’s Kamin, and a welcome sight! He grabs the unconscious girl, and the three of them get out before the fire reaches them.

LRSKF 11 embedded[19-56-42]LRSKF 11 embedded[20-08-42]

Tayvee is upset that her daughter was in danger and takes it out on Kamin. The doctor comes out of the Examination Room; her daughter is fine, and so is the baby. Baby? And Mom finds out she’s gonna be a grandmother. The evil smile on her face is a good thing, for sure.

Suthep gets a punch in the face from the general for pulling such a stupid stunt as the fire in the barn, but he really didn’t have a choice since it was the wish of the queen. Witoon isn’t buying it, though; he’s convinced his assistant was trying to show off.

Once the younger man leaves, Tayvee charges in, all smiles and happiness. When Hareutai wakes up, with the every-present IV in her arm, Prince Makey is glaring at her from the foot of her bed. She barely has a chance to squeak out a greeting when he jumps on her. He snarls that he won’t fall for her fainting as a means to bring attention to her situation. He doesn’t care who the father of the child is, she will not be an obstacle between Mattana and him. With that, he begins to strangle her. She is about to lose consciousness, when she…..wakes up. It was all a dream.

LRSKF 11 embedded[22-14-02]LRSKF 11 embedded[22-13-30]

Her parents are both smiling, which is somehow scarier than their usual scowls. They are happy that soon she will be Queen of Raya, thanks to that little bean in her belly. She tries to protest, but they don’t care, they plan to tell Queen Savitri immediately.

The queen is being a royal jerk as she loftily implies that the situation with the barn is a complete fabrication on Mattana’s part. Mattana, in her softest voice, wonders out loud how this outsider managed to nearly get stabbed to death by a crazy woman from Raya; managed to nearly ride off a cliff on a crazed equine; and now managed to get herself locked inside a burning barn full of straw. Her supposed champion, Crown Prince Makey keeps his mouth shut the entire time, so King Inthra finally speaks up and ends the conversation between the two women, but not before Savitri implies that her assistant in all these episodes is Kamin.

LRSKF 11 embedded[22-14-52]LRSKF 11 embedded[22-15-04]

Kamin finally shows up at the request of the king. The Rayan leader wants to know how Hareutai is doing, but before Kamin could answer, the entire Witoon family shows up, the general yanking his daughter along. The kings asks about her health directly, but the General, will all due respect, interrupts his sovereign to ask for his execution, since his recalcitrant daughter inadvertently and shamefully got pregnant by the Crown Prince. Tayvee cries a mom’s crocodile tears as the queen goes along with the scene. Everyone else (but Kamin) looks stunned.

The queen asks the girl directly. Makey storms over to her to yell in her face. She finally stiffens her spine and blurts out that she never said who the father was. Her parents are now in defense mode. Tayvee insists that it is a month to the day since she spent the night in the prince’s bedchamber. Hareutai stubbornly sticks to her guns. Even the queen tries to push her into admitting it was the queen’s son that did the deed, but she won’t budge.

LRSKF 11 embedded[22-02-55]LRSKF 11 embedded[22-04-57]

Hareutai refuses to identify the baby’s father as anyone, even when her father threatens her the Court’s highest punishment. Mattana tries to calm everyone, since Hareutai looks terrified. Everyone pressures her to say something, but it only takes one look at Makey’s stupid mad face for her to steel her spine and repeat: it isn’t the Crown Prince. Makey uses the moment to order Royal Soldiers to arrest and punish General Witoon for slandering His Royal Assedness. At this moment, the king’s heart twinges, and everything comes to a halt while they yell for the court physician.

In Mattana’s room, Mintra bashes the young girl for her round heels in using pregnancy as a tool. Mattana supports Hareutai and is worried about the severe punishment meted out to noble ladies caught in ignoble circumstances.

Sure enough, Hareutai is brought down to the dungeon and incarcerated, oddly enough, in a room full of ropes and chains and sharp pointed objects. Anyone else think that stuff that can be made in weapons is a bad thing in a lockup?

LRSKF 11 embedded[22-06-37]LRSKF 11 embedded[22-07-06]

The king is resting, with just Phokin and Kamin by his side. His Highness asks flat out – does either of them think that his son could have done this? They both stay neutral, but the king knows his child well, and sadly knows that Makey will probably need to marry the Rayan noble instead of Mattana. Maybe their dynasty has reached its zenith, and has nowhere to go but down from here. Kamin is almost in tears as he blames himself for the situation, but, to the king, it is just the order of things, and people must take responsibility for their own actions. He falls asleep to these prophetic words.

As they leave the royal bedchamber, Phokin rhetorically wonders why there is always a problem whenever they work on the nuptial ceremony. Kamin barely hears him as he stares off into the distance. Phokin brings him out of his reverie, asking why he had to play catch-up to the Makey and Mattana’s entourage. Kamin explains about his drunken rout the night before, and begs forgiveness for his breach of etiquette. Phokin is surprised that the oh-so-straightlaced captain of the Royal Guards has been so stressed recently as to over-imbibe.

Kamin calls his issues a “personal problem” that he has to work out on his own. Phokin accepts this, but proceeds to heap more crapola on his plate by reminding the captain that The Hareutai Scandal may plop the throne right into Grandfather Witoon’s greedy little hands.

LRSKF 11 embedded[00-22-58]LRSKF 11 embedded[00-27-33]

Witoon and Tayvee are in an audience with the queen; Savitri admits that her son would never admit to anything that might put distance between him and that Thai woman. Witoon offers his life as proof of the baby’s DNA, but the queen still questions this based on Hareutai’s refusal to identify the father. Tayvee begs for help for her daughter, but the queen snaps back that she tried to help by using Suthep to get rid of Mattana, but since they flubbed it up, the only option to stop Mattana becoming queen is to prove the identity of baby-daddy.

Sinthorn is in the dungeon, watching Haruetai quietly cry in her cell. He knows the truth, but knows he is powerless. He ducks away and Grandfather Wittoon shows up to talk to his daughter. He coldly tells her the only way to help her is to admit that the Crown Prince fathered her child. She won’t do it, and he snarls that she’s a worthless, ungrateful child whose sole purpose was to become the Heir Apparent’ s wife. Sinthorn, of course, heard it all, and saw her sink to the cell floor in despair.

LRSKF 11 embedded[00-30-56]LRSKF 11 embedded[00-31-28]

That night, Sinthorn takes out his frustration and anger in the training area by pounding the stuffing out of a training dummy, enough to alarm Kamin, who pulls him off the now-destroyed tool. He yells at his boss that all he wants to do is kill Makey for his assault and bullying treatment of Hareutai; he tells Kamin he has seen the prince treat her like crap time and time again, and how much of a douchebag the crown prince is really is. That earns him a gloved face slap mid-tirade, but he just glares at Kamin and storms away, but not before he sneers at the captain for always siding with that royal ass despite all the evidence of what a jerk he is. Kamin counters that he doesn’t act in defense of the prince, he acts to protect their country.

The two have a slightly less angry but no less intense conversation. Kamin explains that both the crown prince and the pregnant noble lady are little more than pawns in  Chessmaster Witoon’s plans. Sinthorn calms down a little, but is still upset that a beautiful innocent like Hareutai will be destroyed by all of this, since she will be expelled just like Kamin’s mother. Sinthorn just wants some way of protecting Hareutai.

In her corner of the palace, Mattana learns of the pregnant woman’s detention in the deep part of the palace. She plans to march down there and demand the sperm donor’s identity, in order for him to take responsibility and protect Hareutai, especially since no one protected the late Karnika.  Mintra wants to know if she believes the father to be her betrothed, but Mattana sidesteps the question, just wanting justice for Hareutai.

LRSKF 11 embedded[00-47-04]LRSKF 11 embedded[00-50-38]

The detainee is in her cell, thinking suicidal thoughts; after all, according to her father she’s worthless, so if she disappears, all problemsl will be done.  She’s fingering the chains hanging from the ceiling, perhaps to hang herself, when Kamin rushes in and stops her.  He scolds her for choosing death as a way out, finally resorting to a face slap to stop her hysteria. She just stands there and starts crying as Kamin comforts her.

LRSKF 11 04 Embrac

Mattana uses her royal position to bully the guards into allowing her access to the prisoner, and comes upon the view of then entwined couple. Mattana stands there, shell-shocked for a moment. All three stare at each other, and Kamin remembers the sad conversation with the king, and the Phokin’s concern that the baby will tip the scales in the General’s favor. He makes a fateful decision while I headdesk on laptop.

Hareutai tries to push away, but he pulls her closer, and announces to Mattana that he has decided to come clean and identify himself as the baby’s father. Both of the girls look at him like he’s crazy.

LRSKF 11 embedded[17-24-08]LRSKF 11 embedded[17-29-39]

A short time later Mattana walks out like a zombie. Kamin follows a short distance away. She knows he’s only doing this to protect the prince. Just like he lied about Karnnika. He spins a tale of young and eternal love between him and the pregnant woman, but that just makes her mad.

She turns to him with angry tears and demands to know. What was she to him? Everything that they did together, all the promises he made to her, what were they? In a dead voice he apologizes that she was just a little impulse on the side that he couldn’t break off until the truth came to light. Kamin, you ass!!!

Mattana doesn’t believe him, but he begs her to remember that anything between them is impossible anyway, so why not end it now? She cries harder as she hisses at him: is she so easy to scrape off? He parroted that he’s sorry, but she doesn’t want to hear it. He’s sorry but her entire world just crashed to the ground, all her feelings, trust, and faith in him turned into so much dust, and he’s just sorry. Did he ever love her?

LRSKF 11 05 Cellar

His face barely twitches as he asks her in a monotone whether or not she ever heard him say “I love you”? She sobs harder, calls herself a fool, and runs out of the cellar. He manages to take a tiny, pained breath after she leaves.

She is almost to the entrance when Makey shows up. He sees her tears and tries to stop her, but she refuses to make eye contact. He demands to know what Hareutai told her, but she just yanks her arm out of his grasp and pleads a headache. He continues towards the lockup.

LRSKF 11 embedded[18-00-19]LRSKF 11 embedded[18-01-24]

In her cell, Haruetai and Kamin talk. Hareutai asks the man why he is doing this, and he honestly replies that his decision corrects both of their personal issues. He dishonestly calls his relationship with Mattana a mistake that needed correction for the good of the country. She doesn’t want him to take responsibility for something he didn’t do, but he doesn’t want her baby to be without a father, like he was. He takes her hand and asks her to trust him as an older brother.

At this time Prince Useless shows up. She agrees, and together they present their tissue of lies to that poor excuse of a human being.

Outside, Makey is all smiles and congratulations for his favorite flunky. He wondered if Kamin did this as cover up, but Kamin smoothly says if the prince didn’t do anything, then he didn’t do anything. The Heir Ass…er…Apparent is just all joy joy. I throw up a little in my mouth.

LRSKF 11 embedded[18-03-31]LRSKF 11 embedded[18-03-40]

In the royal chambers, there is no elation and no grins. The general demands the truth from his daughter a final time. The queen wants that too, but the king accepts the two young people’s story and declares the matter settled. Witoon stomps off, the king offers his services to his favorite captain, and the queen seethes.

Mattana is prone on her bed when Mintra rushes in with the news, but of course it isn’t news to the young woman.  She ends up crying in Mintra’s arms.

Hareutai is ndragged to the Witoon house. Dad is determined to to chain up his daughter until she comes to her senses.  But before they can make it through the front door, Kamin shows up.  Suthep tries to stop him but gets knocked aside for his efforts.  Both the general and Suthep level guns at Kamin as he apologizes and asks to retrieve his ‘wife’ and take her with him.  Witoon calls him a bastard and gets ready to shoot him.

LRSKF 11 embedded[19-11-37]LRSKF 11 embedded[19-11-54]


We are now getting the part of any drama I hate.  That is the angst-filled separation of the canon couple. And in this case, it’s exacerbated by an mountain of Noble Idiocy and For-God-and-Country complex. Kamin may be cute, but I’m doubting the intelligence of a man that is almost blind to the faults of someone solely on the basis of their parentage or position. Probably because of Kamin, Makey has never taken any responsibility for his own actions, and he is much too old to be infantile and out of control, especially given his future leadership expectations.

We have now reached the mid-point of this series, and no doubt our horizon for the time being is going to be crying, recriminations, and idiocy. For me, it will be lots of chocolate and soju.

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