A Moment’s Madness – (An Heirs Fanfiction) Chapter 7

CHAPTER 7 – The Hangover

“Yes sirrrrrr, one of a kind…”  G-Dragon rampaged through Young-do’s head. What the hell was he doing there? The beat matched the pounding in his temples as he squinted at the Samsung on the table.  It was seven o’clock in the morning, and his caller ID showed “#100”.

He fumbled for it and propped himself on his elbows.  “This had better be good.”

“Young-do ah, do you know if my mother checked into your hotel?”  At the sound of Kim Tan’s voice the fuzziness fled, although the headache remained.  He glanced over at the figure under the sheets and silently cursed.

“I’m not awake yet. I’ll call you.” He shut off his ex-friend’s protests and swiped the phone to Mute.  Rolling over to his side, he propped his head on his hand and reached out with the other to brush the hair away from the sleeping woman’s face.

After the claws of that first craving were blunted, they spent some time just talking.  He found out she was pregnant at 17, a product of the Chairman’s visit to Busan to look over Jeguk’s interests there.  When she found out, her family begged her to have the child, using her and the baby as leverage for a cash settlement. She was hidden in an apartment in Seoul, and soon after her parents left Busan and cut ties with her.

“It’s harder than most people know, to live like I have,” she said. “But Tan and I, we’re a team, and that helped.”  She looked up at him from where she was snuggled against his side.  “Have you ever heard from your mother?”

Young-do didn’t know how to answer, so he had stopped her questions with a kiss, and no more was said about it for the rest of the night as they both rode the waves of passion.  Everything that happened was crystalline in his head, in spite of the alcohol.  Even now, he felt his body stirring again.  But there wasn’t time to do anything but damage control.

“Eomm… Noon…” Young-do swallowed. “Ki-ae-ssi, wake up.”  He sat up and placed a hand on her hip, intending to shake her.

Ki-ae hissed and stretched, deliciously sore yet relaxed.  The hand at her hip was cool, but her skin heated beneath it.  She opened her eyes, and smiled at the blatant display in front of her.  “Good morning,” she purred as she reached for that part of him that was begging for attention.

Young-do scooted away and off the bed, almost falling to the floor in his haste.  Crabbing on the floor until he found his boxers, he slipped them on, feeling marginally better, before facing the woman, now sitting up and holding a sheet across her body.

Ki-ae wondered how to smooth over this awkward time. The virile man who had so gratifyingly worn her out the night before had apparently turned back into the diffident teen.  She found the contradiction endearing, but that was a dangerous thought.

“So,” she began, self-consciously taming her hair with her fingers, “would this be a good time to say thank you? Because I had a great time last night.”  He just stood there in his boxers, so she turned her back and slid out of the bed, looking for her scattered clothes.

Young-do spun around to avoid the view of her enticing backside and headed to his walk-in closet. Pulling out fresh things, he threw them on quickly but hesitated at the door.  Was she done dressing yet?  And what was next?  He peeked out.  She was tucking her blouse back into her skirt, so he judged it safe to leave the closet haven.

Smoothing her skirt, Ki-ae looked at herself critically.  Her clothes had come through relatively unscathed by her adventure, and were only slightly wrinkled.  Her makeup was long gone, so she would need a few minutes in front of a mirror to set everything to rights.  But first she needed to put him at ease.

Young-do was undecided what do to. His thoughts of revenge were gone, immolated by the most incredible night of his life, yet the woman responsible was forbidden for many reasons.  Lost in his reverie, he startled when he felt her lips on his cheek.  He looked into those sable eyes as she gave an impish grin.  “Welcome back from wherever you were.”

A buzzing from the coffee table distracted them both, and Young-do called out to her before she reached her purse, “Tan called me looking for you.”  She gave a quick nod as she swiped the call open, and Young-do listened to the one-sided conversation.

“Hello, Tan-ah. Yes, I’m fine. No, I met an old friend and the spent the night. Yes, I know, I know, I will be home soon, stop worrying. I love you, too.”  She hung up and took a deep breath.

“Did you want some breakfast? The restaurant downstairs isn’t open yet, but we can get something to eat anyway.”  She looked unsure, chewing her lower lip, and Young-do unexpectedly got the urge to lick that small hurt away.

Reality had sunk in with that phone call, and Ki-ae needed to cut any ties, however tenuous, between her and Zeus Hotel’s Heir.  But later, just a little bit later. She smiled, but this time there was little humor in it.

“Let me just freshen up, and we can eat.”




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